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4/7 c8 Andy
This story is really good! I hope you continue it someday. You really left us at a cliffhanger hahahaha
Hope you’re well!
10/21/2023 c8 zeldoris dono
Is this completely dropped?
7/26/2023 c8 aawaiz azhar
Hope there will be an update soon.
4/14/2023 c8 TatsuyaShiva4
Good Story!

Hope you will update soon :)
3/3/2023 c5 TatsuyaShiva4
The Yotsuba really should just leave the TMC and work with Aoba and the Senate maybe erase the annoying Elder who dared to attack Tatsuya. That would be a shock for all of they leave. The TMC are just annoying. haha
1/31/2023 c8 Amazing Story
Amazing story. It would be great if you could update but there's no rush author.
1/25/2023 c8 TheDevilOn
can't wait for next chapter. wondering how everything will be concluded. wanna see the wedding at the end and how people will recognize his power
1/12/2023 c8 2duked
A great chapter again.
It shows how frustrating politics can be. Other clans talking BS, because they can't compete with the Yotsuba fairly. In a way it just shows how pathetic they are.
Please update soon.
12/28/2022 c8 Xix
Oooooooh You must make sure that Tatsuya shows them their Place! Not kill, that would cripple Japans Power but make sure that the Yotsuba show their Power. Hell they could leave the TMC and than they are more in the Shadows.

Amazing Chapter!

I can see also Tatsuys getting invited to a Senate Meeting where most Senators would side with Tatsuya, well if they have a Brain that is haha
12/29/2022 c8 fencer29
It's difficult to picture Maya being close with anyone, even when it's with her own "son", whom she seems to be more willing to open up with than anyone else other that Hayama.

However it is wise of her to begin Miyuki's training to eventually become head of the Yotsuba now, rather than wait like her predecessor did. When Maya first rose to be head of the clan she probably had to rely on Hayama's teachings, and while he's still quite active for his age, Hayama's not getting any younger.
12/29/2022 c8 BIackdead
Well written as always. Happy holidays. Hope you update soon maybe smaller chapters.
12/28/2022 c8 83fujin of shadows
Good chapter. Piece of advise though, write only when you are well in every aspect of your life. Your work will attract readers because it is a good piece.
12/28/2022 c8 mahouka9
nice that you are here.. that was a good chapter. hope it goes on soon. please read more
10/31/2022 c1 aawaiz azhar
Waiting for an update
10/20/2022 c7 Guest
Please update soon 3
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