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for Paved with Bad Intentions

10/3/2023 c62 4Bowserjrrules
Quite the good story you have here. you've written quite a few good ones. Your characterizatio is amazing, I've always been preferential to a fanfiction that redeems a villian in some way. i've seen a few good ones with Cinder as well. the good ending really turned out quite sweet too. Anyway, i'll stop by for your next fic, amazing story, keep up the great work.
9/30/2023 c62 Classus Moira
Beautiful story, definitely one of the best I've seen.

I especially loved how you developed each character, you can see Mercury go from a trained assassin to a gamer with complete naturalness, the same with the love of Penny and Emerald. I even felt the weight lift from Cinder's shoulders and the enormous happiness of being with Glynda.

I thank you very much for making this story and I hope that one day it continues even if this seemed like a perfect ending to me. I will definitely give that Pokémon story a chance even though I don't know much about that fandom.

By the way, sorry for any spelling mistakes, it's 4 in the morning and I'm not very good at writing in English so I used Google's help heh.
9/30/2023 c62 iChaos
What can be said about this wonderfully original story that I haven't said before? The entire concept of the plot and completely out of the ordinary relationships between several of the characters was among the most interesting that I have seen in a long time. The writing was quite good throughout the whole story and I enjoyed reading it very much. Although it is a little disappointing to see it come to an end at this particular point I don't necessarily disagree with this choice. The primary plot was resolved and it leaves you with a natural place to transition from in case you ever get inspired to continue the tale. It would be awesome if you did, but if not, thank you for sharing what you already have.
9/30/2023 c62 1Commissar Adrian
Loved the journey, from start to end. You were able to humanize Cinder, Emerald, and Mercury in a way I think few others have. Nothing else to really say but good job.
9/23/2023 c61 iChaos
Cinder Goodwitch. I friggin' love that. What more can I say? That was heartwrenching, but incredible at the same time.
9/23/2023 c60 iChaos
All things considered, Cinder's story has kind of come full circle but I can't help but feel that Glynda let Emerald off far too easy. I mean, Emerald didn't even apologize, and how could an adult person be adopted anyway. Not that I have a problem with their reconciliation, I'm just trying to focus on something other than Cinder and the consequences of her condition. Despite the end of the chapter, it still sounds pretty bad.
9/23/2023 c61 2merendinoemiliano
Really cute chapter
9/15/2023 c60 merendinoemiliano
Very well built
9/11/2023 c59 iChaos
"Impressive... Most impressive. Darth Vader. I really don't know what else to say other than I am so impressed that Cinder deliberately chose to sacrifice herself for Glynda. It was kind of beautiful.
9/11/2023 c59 6Aggron Prime
I want to read the rest of them right now. I NEED to know what happens!
9/8/2023 c59 2merendinoemiliano
Truly impressive Ending
9/8/2023 c59 Dandaman5
Saying that this story isn't a tragedy has ruined it for me, the mere fact that it might be was part of the reason of why I was enjoying reading it, so thanks for spoiling it for me.
9/2/2023 c58 iChaos
Argh! This is the longest most intolerable cliffhanger scene that I have ever read!
9/2/2023 c58 merendinoemiliano
Very fluid and intruiguing, as Always quite anxious about Salem's plans
8/26/2023 c57 iChaos
You are an evil sonuvabitch. To be honest, I sort of rushed through prince charming this week in anticipation of this, and the scene was everything I was hoping for. As heartwrenching as the ending was, I must admit that it makes sense. No matter the consequences, it will certainly be a galvanizing experience for Cinder.
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