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for Paved with Bad Intentions

8/25/2023 c57 2merendinoemiliano
Very well executed
8/20/2023 c1 lanceStryker93
There maybe 99 reviews on this fic but only one is on the first chapter. Time to fix that.

This is the longest intro I have ever read. This is a good thing, as I am now confident that when you update, I'll be eating good for the night. Most authors dish out chapters like burgers and fries. YOU just gave me a cake. It's cumbersome and'll take me some time to consume, but by GOD is it delicious.

Very good intro. Looking forward to the rest.
8/19/2023 c56 iChaos
Great chapter, even if It was a little evil to leave us hanging with Cinder and Glynda. Nevertheless, that leaves something to look forward to for next time. I actually really liked the juxtaposition of the confrontation with Penny and Emerald with the rest of the characters battling in the background. In my imagination, that was a very cinematic scene.
8/12/2023 c55 iChaos
Ooh! Great character development for Cinder in this chapter. Opening up to Emerald like that could be a real turning point for her.
8/12/2023 c55 merendinoemiliano
Very fluid and interesting
8/6/2023 c54 iChaos
Whoa. That was very unexpected. I wonder what the heck motivated Raven to say something like that to Cinder? I could be misreading the situation, but that sounded like genuine regret and legitimately good advice. Coming from Raven of all people? It was at that moment that Cinder knew that she f-ed up.
8/5/2023 c54 merendinoemiliano
Very well written
8/2/2023 c53 iChaos
And... There we go, all caught up. Honestly, I spent too much time over the last few days pretty much devouring this fic. I had intended to wait until Cinderella was complete because I didn't want to confuse the two plots, but I couldn't find anything else that caught my interest a few days ago, so here I am. All I can say is that I have thoroughly enjoyed this read. I had my doubts that there was any way to establish a credible relationship between Cinder and Glynda, but you totally pulled it off. No matter how this ends, it is going to remain a favorite of mine for a long time. That being said, how will Cinder ultimately learn to cope with reality? It seems safe to assume that happily ever after can't even begin to happen, so what can the resolution look like? I don't know that but I do hope that Glynda survives and moves on with her life. She would make a great parent.
8/2/2023 c52 iChaos
Watts is perhaps the least likeable character in the whole series. Bastard. Meanwhile, it would appear that Mercury got some 'splainin to do...
8/2/2023 c51 iChaos
Atta girl, Emerald. That took some stones. I am also glad to see that whatever metamorphosis Cinder has been through, it appears to have permanently changed her. Has she hit rock bottom? Who will she become with what she has left?
8/2/2023 c50 iChaos
First and foremost, your storytelling is on point and the overall writing quality is quite good. The plot is certainly very creative to begin with but the way that you developed such unique characterizations and relationships while keeping it believable is what really stood out to me. Was the melodrama a bit over the top at times? Maybe, but then again what can one expect when the story is focused on the most damaged and jaded characters in the series (not counting Salem and Ozma, obviously). For me at least the reason why the whole thing works so well is because you included the evolution of both Emerald and Mercury along with Cinder while maintaining Neo, sociopath that she is, as a foil. If it had been just Cinder who was affected so much then it just wouldn't have felt as legitimate, especially considering how much time went by during the telling. As much as I admire your ability to get into the head of Cinder in all of your stories, getting to see someone put a little effort into developing Glynda was also much appreciated. One of my favorite moments in the entire fic was the moment that Glynda realized how Ozma had manipulated her. I didn't realize it at the time, but when Glynda showed up on Patch intent on guiding the kids to hunt down Cinder and Emerald it occurred to me that she may have never decided to go through with that otherwise. Speaking of which, I was more surprised than I expected to be when Emerald choose to follow Cinder but if she hadn't then I imagine thatGlynda would have probably choosen to cut her losses and focus on Emerald. As heartbreaking as everything turned out, this only serves to build upon the angst and suspense that has already been established. So what I'm saying is that I am super impressed with the story and look forward to more updates. Absolutely phenomenal work so far.
8/1/2023 c47 iChaos
Chapters like this are why I read fanfiction. I KNEW what Cinder would do, but the infinitesimal possibility that she might instead choose to give up the power was the basis of the appeal for this entire story. Could she have somehow transferred the fall mantle back to Amber, even if she wanted to? We'll never know. Oh, and great twist with Mercury and Blake too.
7/30/2023 c53 merendinoemiliano
Very sweet and well built job
7/22/2023 c52 Classus Moira
Very nice move, Merc, indeed.

It's because of things like this that I like Mercury, deep down he's just a dumb boy.
7/22/2023 c52 merendinoemiliano
Very well built
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