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for Paved with Bad Intentions

4/24/2023 c44 2merendinoemiliano
Excellent planning.
4/16/2023 c43 1Commissar Adrian
Other fanfics have obviously tried what you're doing here with trying to make Cinder and co question their plans involving Beacon but none of them have made it stick as this one has. This one just feels right for the lack of a better term.
4/16/2023 c43 2merendinoemiliano
Very sweet
4/12/2023 c42 Racoon-Chtulhu
I simply love how you write those stories! I'll be honest: I tried it just for the sake of it - I though it will be simple story with some simplisctic romance between Glynda and Cinder made, well, roughly. But than I started reading, getting into a story - and I got freaking hooked! Three to four days - and I read both Paved with Bad Intentions and Cinderella and Prince Charming because it was just freaking amazing to me how everything was done. There is so much fun in the comedy elements, there is so much character development - it's just amazing to me how you came up with all of it! Making Merc friends with Jaune, creating drama from it although it all begin from him just playing a simple videogame; Emerald getting adopted by Glynda; Cinder changing for the better and specifically - how you still keep track of the story, how everything still makes sense and changes for the better! It's simply surprising and just amazing.

I also never though of Cinder's story from such angle, from such perspective or that it was that tragic as you make it. You simply have a great way of writing that makes me speechless and wanting to try something like this to in possible future. So, well, great work, thank you for this fanfiction and any other too :D
4/12/2023 c42 AgentDraakis
Okay, so I don't like how Cinder is cartoonishly evil in the show, even with the tacked on backstory...

...but this seriously makes me feel sorry for her.

I never gave much thought to this shop, mostly just trying this story on a whim. But the slow change within each of the characters, the growth that doesn't feel like it has been forced, drew me in and. made me care. I've gnawed off my fingernails trying to figure out how they could flip and become the good people they not only are pretending to be, but WANT to be. I have to say I am very invested in how this all plays out.

...and the Emerald and Penny coupling is just too cute!
4/11/2023 c7 1David Garrido
Who are you pairing Jaune with
4/10/2023 c42 2merendinoemiliano
Very touching,hoping to see soon trough what Salem Is doing
4/8/2023 c41 merendinoemiliano
Pretty cool,curious about Neo's plan
4/3/2023 c40 Classus Moira
Emerald is one of my favorite characters, you don't know how happy this chapter made me.
4/3/2023 c40 merendinoemiliano
Great job
3/27/2023 c39 merendinoemiliano
Great dialogues and moves for everyone
3/20/2023 c38 Guest
3/21/2023 c38 merendinoemiliano
Nice work
3/13/2023 c37 merendinoemiliano
Very well described scenes
3/7/2023 c36 merendinoemiliano
Very good introspection
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