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for Paved with Bad Intentions

9/4/2022 c9 1Commissar Adrian
It's nice to see a more in-depth approach to characters who could've used more expansion in the original series. Some of the interactions feel very realistic and sensible given the apparent backgrounds of team CMME. Looking forward to what comes next!
8/30/2022 c9 AdaptiveAvamaton
"More like a slap in the face?"

Precisely, literally, and exactly a slap in the face, yes. lmao
8/30/2022 c9 2merendinoemiliano
Very well written.
8/23/2022 c8 merendinoemiliano
Very well done portrayal of Emerald 's social attitude
8/17/2022 c7 ReadYesyes
After readingh your other fic, I wanted to try this one ought, and i got to say. It preaty good, a very different Cinder is shown in this and i do love the dynamic that Cinder team has with Team JNPR. Merc just need a bro sometimes , its ok Merc, we know you care, kinda off.
On to this chapter. It was really, i guess heartwarming would be the correct word. Specifically Emeralds reactions and Glynda being just the best teacher she can be and it was a very nice ending with what felt, not exactly a victory for Em, but much needed kindness from someone who does not want to manipulate them and just wants to support them.
8/16/2022 c7 merendinoemiliano
Very well done introspection for the two girls. So Glynda just a mentorish role. More than fine.
8/9/2022 c6 merendinoemiliano
Very articulated and interesting
8/2/2022 c5 merendinoemiliano
Nice slice of life show
7/26/2022 c4 merendinoemiliano
Qyite hilarious
7/21/2022 c3 merendinoemiliano
Quite entertaining, curious to see more
7/7/2022 c1 Car ride
I love this story so far. I can't wait for more of it. The fight scene was written great as well as the characterization.
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