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5/19 c1 Guest
Way too many unexplained advances in Harry as a Wizard for this to be any good.
5/19 c6 Anus
I really hoped this would be any good but here I am disappointed
5/13 c17 burnnotice
you would think that someone losing family members to the DE would not mind approach to how they meet their end and wouldn't be such a hard supporter with the action of just using stunning. Plus Kingsley got the order from his boss to cast to kill.
5/12 c23 Ronin Kenshin
awesome work
5/11 c23 33Imperial-samaB
interesting chapter
5/11 c23 jkarr
to bad so many died
5/11 c23 marlastiano
thanks :)
5/11 c23 jeremiahkelley93
Great chapter.
5/11 c23 Marsuvees Black The Dark Lord
Thank god I love the story but I was getting tired of the constant smut.
5/11 c23 pix25
Lovely chapter
5/11 c1 Jtapp1228
5/1 c22 Guest
Will Hermione join or not?
5/1 c22 Guest
When will narcissa finally join
4/28 c3 Dan Farris
Cute... and funny ending to the chapter.
4/21 c22 moodyboy66
Great chapter
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