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12/7/2022 c1 10do-it-for-the-fandom
Had to come back and read this again. I love it so much!
11/19/2022 c1 21Kat2107
Ohh, it was so sweet! When I first started to see the show I had this thing that if they ever had kids, it should be a girl named Johanna Katherine. But then, Lily "appeared", and I somehow fell in love with the name. And since the head cannons about "Lily Johanna" and lilies being Johanna's favourite flowers, I started to see the name as absolutely perfect. I guessed I just wanted Kate to somehow honour her mother, but eventually understood how hard it would be for her to have a daughter with the first name as her mother. And then you wrote this, explaining the meaning behind the twins, and it just makes so much sense in an adorable way. Loved it, loved it, loved it!
10/12/2022 c1 19dkcfan
After a very long day, I decided tonight I was going to catch up on my FF reading, and I found your story when I went back through my inbox. What a sweet and loving story. Thank you for making a long day end on such a high note. I love your take on the boys names, especially Jake’s. He will also give Kate another special link to her mom. Thank you for sharing such a fun story.
7/30/2022 c1 Manxkid
What a lovely story thank you
7/11/2022 c1 1conservativegirl
So cute! Love the stories behind their names
7/11/2022 c1 Traci Purtan
This Story was Amazing. You knocked it out of the Park. Grand Slam Home Run.
7/10/2022 c1 9theputz913
Loved this!
7/10/2022 c1 Castle4Eva
Thank you so much for adding this additional aspect to the Caskett babies story. It was delightful.
7/10/2022 c1 3RCKBNFSK
It feels like I was there with our favorite couple as they picked the names for their children! This was very well written!
7/10/2022 c1 19wendykw
This is fun. Thank you for a plausible happy story.
7/9/2022 c1 Guest
Love love love it!
7/9/2022 c1 Caskett1963
Loved this so much, creative and beautifully in keeping with canon.
7/9/2022 c1 sasans
Really nice little journey you took us on. It was very enjoyable and I love that the final name of Jake((Jacob) was going to be her name if she had been a boy.
7/9/2022 c1 67TankW1
Well done. While Lily, Reece, and Jake were provided in the credits of the last episode. The middle names came from fandom, as did the PB&J designation. Fandom writers aren't shy about borrowing things they like from each other. It helps keep the Castleverse alive.

stay safe
7/9/2022 c1 TracyGsoccermom
Excellent, thank you for this wonderful Caskett story!
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