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for The View From A Lockley

5/11 c1 1Flickerflame8
This is great. I wish we'd have seen more of Kate too. I really like the idea of her and Angel keeping in touch throughout the series.
8/31/2022 c1 7StorygirlSidhe
Thanks both for the kind words. This was a bit of a surprise story popping almost complete into my head.

i love Kate and Gru and hopefully they will pop up again in a story within this universe.

Thanks again. Keep reading and do share
8/4/2022 c1 13Empire of the Words
I loved this! I loved what you did with Kate and Groo (he's one of my favorite under-rated characters). I love your idea of Kate starting her own PI business, because it allows her to work on the supernatural cases without dealing with supervisors on the police force. I am completely unsuprised that Angel sends letters instead of calling or texting. And I'm now kind of in love with Kate/Groo as a pairing and am now sighing in disappointment that there will probably never be another fic with it, much less one as good as this one. Great job!
7/26/2022 c1 6rebeccacherub
I like this a lot

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