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11/9 c22 4Alucard
Issei is literally one of the wost protags ever. Why would anyone think he is better than Naruto or Ichigo. He is one the worst perverts ever. Keep up the good work
10/28 c22 david.teague.3950
You know one of the better ways to get under Issei's skin would be if this OC did get a few of the girls Issei lusts for, and especially one who desires him but he's too damn blind to notice. Frankly my list of DXD girls is probably going to be different than anyone else's. Number 1 on the list is Kuroka, black ears and tails that match her hair, Number 2 Koneko ears and tail matches her hair as well, and third Asia Argento a girl who started trying risqué clothes in an attempt to get the attention of an idiot who didn't realize just how much she meant to him until he nearly lost her. Obviously, I mean the time he went Juggernaut and nearly killed himself by burning out his life force. While I do have a fourth and fifth place girl Rias and Xenovia they are actually far behind my top three.
10/14 c22 Mrsiri
hahaha issei unlocked cuckold fetish
10/11 c22 Guest
Look like author want to ruining his own fanfic
10/11 c22 Kreceir
Hmm, sure the smut this chapter is hot, while yes this fits Akeno's personallity, Call me old fashioned but personally I like the more romantic/love smut more or atleast where the characters are actually in a relationship, rather then the casual sex and friends with benefits smut, it ain't really my thing.
I do hope that at one point that Akeno gets in a actual relationship with Kaito, seeing that this is a Harem story after all.

Other then that, can't wait for the next chapter.
10/10 c22 PasiveNox
Lol anyway great chapter wonderful
10/10 c21 PasiveNox
Great chapter wonderful also rias yeah she was lazy though she did have 4 more years she probably was procrastinating until she graduated from high school maybe? And ooooog akeno racism
10/10 c20 PasiveNox
Damm more of his dragon stuff influencing him huh anyway great chapter
10/10 c19 PasiveNox
Great chapter:)
10/10 c18 PasiveNox
Great chapter wonderful also 'why not?' Yeah they are long living races I'm surprised not a lot of people make them more experimental
10/10 c17 PasiveNox
Hahahahahaahaha lol great chapter
10/10 c16 PasiveNox
Great chapter :)
10/10 c15 PasiveNox
Damn also lol anyway great chapter
10/10 c14 PasiveNox
Lol anyway great chapter
10/10 c13 PasiveNox
Great chapter nice :)
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