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for DxD Overlord: Sekiryuutei of the Sealed Tomb

10/7/2023 c18 Guest
Do this world a favor and stop writting this story
9/23/2023 c1 Guest
I think the craziest thing that could happen is that Rubedo literally looks the same as Rias, obviously not like she's a copy, but like she's a redhead with big red hair and shiny gold armor. And Issei mistook her for Rias.

And as it happens, there is also an NPC in Nazarick called Gremory. Will Issei meet her too?
9/1/2023 c18 1Atlas8
This was really fun to read. A lot lighter toned than the main storyline where Momanga has made Earth as hell for everyone.

I laughed and cringed hard at it and in the end enjoyed it. I hope you'll continue this further, even if it doesn't appear so at the moment.
6/13/2023 c1 VincentFS
The title is false. Issei isn’t the Sekiryuutei anymore. He’s just in Ainz’s body. He doesn’t have the Boosted Gear. What a waste.
5/18/2023 c1 andreevmix111
no matter how people here talk about Issei and his influence on the NPCs of Nazarick. But I see the main problem is that if you create a separate story about Issei and are not going to quickly kill him in the main story, then it is not clear why he is here. Since in this case Ainz draws all the attention to himself and leads the story, the second MAIN CHARACTER in the form of Issei is stupidly not needed there and he will stupidly get in the way, since Ainz is a very bright character and Issei could look organically in DxD only in the case when he is alone and no one delays him with his charisma.
2/13/2023 c5 Excited-bubble
True and Genuine Charisma Destroy Any Manipulation.

Yet that damned love salesman still manages to destroy my life with a Manipulation to Believe in Him. I love my Husband so much. I love him so much it drives me
2/5/2023 c4 Excited-bubble
You know demiurge too Might Be in that harem With your shapeshifter class
2/5/2023 c1 Excited-bubble
Really hopes you do Issei "justice" because I'm pretty sure the author of the DxD mocks the readers which constantly interrupts the -ero

"For the love of God, 20 volumes have passed, it will remain the same
11/22/2022 c18 codywhite162
Love this story! Excellent work as usual!
11/21/2022 c17 One To Seven
Sure, similar case of skill not working properly could work well as plot device, like how Momon's physical and magical immunity malfunctioning and [Emotion Suppression] being shattered, but if you take her stamina, at least make something to compensate it somehow...

Aside from that, well, it's as infuriating as always lol
11/21/2022 c18 One To Seven
Now hold on, Shalltear doesn't have 'unlimited stamina'? Pvp-wise, her build should be superior to Momonga, but with limited stamina I don't think so it'll be the case. Sure, similar case of skill not
11/21/2022 c1 Guest
1st question albedo As She has In her Racial classes Has level in Succubus Could she make "Mana Potions" More powerful Than Serafall ?

2nd question Can NPCs level up? Since your level is stuck in the base of the Guild So I suppose What is the base of the Guild You would have to increase Your level More than 2700.

3rd question Do you intend to Show Your interpretation What Rubedo and "They" Are

4th question Issei Will gain a fleshy body To really do the right thing? I suppose temporarily Since it shows that he falls in his skeleton form In Another Fanfic yet

5th question And last question do you have any ideas how this will all end?
11/20/2022 c18 TheRightPrice
Good chapter. Short, and not much happened, but good enough.
11/20/2022 c18 Dasgun
11/20/2022 c18 Bubble-Excited
It seems that a certain part is still of the
Momonga still inhabiting his body shared with Issei Well If that's true that's a problem.

Momonga/Suzuki Satoru The only thing I could see that still has Issei's share with Momonga/Suzuki Satoru is still his big pervert.

So I'm Guessing What the side of the two wants Most striking in your personality still got rooted in your body

Momonga Is his great love for Nazarick

Issei It's his great being a pervert

Now I have to see how far these emotions will influence For Issei

Since for Momonga He has already fallen into the deep well of the Emotions of a pervert, he is already like this, salvations Damned undead pervert
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