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for Gone

8/5 c1 yoto
bon chapitre
7/27 c1 13fvdv123
A good story
7/23 c1 Kyr
Love this. Thank you for sharing.
7/20 c1 21katmom
Good for him!
7/19 c1 2roon0
I love it.
7/16 c1 lunaz
Too bad it was so short. This story has so many possibilities. Thank you.
7/16 c1 hisnhers
Free. What a sad state for one so young. I'm glad he has the memories of Hagrid and his first ever gift: Hedwig. I'm glad he won't be utterly alone since he has her for companionship.

This was interesting. How did he know about these things before he entered the stores, especially the trunk shop?

I don't know if you plan to write more of this, but I would certainly read it! If not, this was an excellent stopping point.

7/16 c1 williamsim
Awesome story thank you
7/15 c1 gginsc
I wish it was longer.
7/15 c1 mizzrazz72
Harry knew that he was being controlled and got away.
7/15 c1 jpspring
This is a very interesting story. I've never read this idea for a thread but it sure has many possibilities. I would really like to read more but thanks for writing this.
7/15 c1 Earth Guardian 28
Thank you for writing :] wonderful one shot would love to read of the wizarding worlds reaction if you are up for writing it.
7/15 c1 33Hippothestrowl
Simple but effective; I like it. The ultimate rebel. Whether he will go to Hogwarts or not - who cares; he's free.

- Hip
7/15 c1 RJ Griot
Fascinating. Would be interesting to see a follow up too. Nice work!
7/15 c1 Concrete63
Excellent, thank you.
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