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11/13 c4 63Epeefencer
The solution for seeing each other is an easy one. The elves. After Ginny goes to bed have Winky take her to Harry.
10/26 c32 Tomon
Very enjoyable tale. Definitely didn't disappoint so thanks you for writing it :)
10/20 c21 Epeefencer
Fudge was the Minister for Magic, not of Magic.
9/6 c30 Shadeymankey
Loving this story, just seems you made harry and ginny way too unambitious with how smart they are
9/6 c30 Shadeymankey
Honestly magicals should be killin it with fuel costs. A gemino spell for fuel passing through the pump with one half going down the line and the other half back into the tank with a rune cluster. Infinite fuel. Space should be EASY to colonize with runes and a desire to get it done.
9/6 c16 Shadeymankey
Lol i always saw the elder wand needing a true defeat to be taken. Either disarming in a true fight or killing the previous owner.
9/6 c6 Shadeymankey
To the AN here: dumble is either horrifically incompetent and one of the luckiest SOB’s alive, or evil in his apathy at the very least. At his most good he is one of the two. The truth is probably much more dark than that.
7/24 c13 SarahOlivier
as much as I like McGonagall she wasn't a great head of house .
7/16 c22 6Jestrbob
I know this is late. My cousin and her husband had a 65-footer and handled it together without problems. They traveled the Caribbean for 20 years before they retired. Those bigger yachts have steering jets built into the bow. It handled easier than my smaller 47-foot bluewater sailboat in tight passages.
6/13 c21 63Epeefencer
Okay, the job is Minister for Magic. Look it up.
6/3 c1 4iacopo.passerini
Molto interresante!
6/2 c32 Guest
Very much enjoyed your tale. Some fresh thoughts! Hope to see more when the spirit moves you.
5/4 c12 hdres
Interesting way the plot is unravelling now Bill and Amelia are on the case. I am enjoying how we are seeing the events from multiple perspectives. Thank you for sharing your story
5/4 c5 hdres
Very exciting. I like how he has implicated Dumbledore. Thank you for sharing your writing
5/4 c3 hdres
An interesting story with a great set up. I like your shy Harry and feisty Ginny. Thank you for sharing your story
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