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for A relationship turned threesome

2/24 c1 1zSnako
Im sorry but this is messed up
2/23 c1 zSnako
What can i say except
9/21/2023 c1 yourfoxydope
pls delete this shit
10/4/2022 c1 bobbobus21
Ahh the glorification of an abusive relationship, it’s both pathetic and worrying that Sakura still treats Naruto this way. I mean a punch to the balls is nothing to joke about.
7/22/2022 c2 PervyFan
It has been a while since I read one of these. It is fucking great!.Super hot too. Thank you for blessing us pervs
7/22/2022 c2 Death Incarnate
This is pretty damn good. I haven't seen content this spicy in awhile. Lot of poorly written vanilla mostly.
Really looking forward to the big chapter here, don't keep us waiting too long.

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