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for Fate: Break Dawn

2h c9 ShishouFan
Bro, I don't care about anything else, I just need an entire chapter of nothing but Emiya and Scathach fucking like rabbits. Then the next time Emiya gets summoned in the 5th Grail War, he can straight up tell Cu "Yo, I fucked your Shishou."
11/19 c8 Dethcat
I ship EMIYA and Scáthach now
11/19 c9 Yog-sothsoth
This is really good stuff. I only hope that Gil being Caster will reflect on his personality. Caster!Gil and Archer!Gil are two different characters after all
11/11 c9 bassplayer123
Prototype Arthur? Lancer Shishou? CASTER AUO?

...At this rate I wouldn't be surprised if the Assassin is King Hassan himself lol. Poor Archer, all the other servants are pretty much at the top of their class and he's basically fighting for his life in every battle. He'd putting up a damn good showing though.

Really hope you update soon. The fight scenes in this fic are fucking amazing.
11/10 c9 nicholas.b21
10/18 c9 sh221b777
An extremely brilliant novel...
10/4 c8 Gigame
I got a notif that this story was updated, turns out it was just another comment
9/26 c9 Guest
Day:? of waiting for chapter 10. It can't end like this! Please!
9/21 c9 13Nain Tarlow
This is a very interesting story. I love the twists that keep me constantly on my toes. Never assume anything is the same as the old grail wars. Scathath is a suprise but a welcome one and I love how well she 'works' with EMIYA
Also like the introspecctive parts of the ol' Counter Guardian, as well as dwelving into how he came to be who he is now. Good stuff
And with Caster Gil, I am once again pleasantly surprised. Oh, things will be even more interesting from now on.
Thanks for your work. Looking forward to the next chapter eagerly
9/1 c9 Siru325
perhaps the most interesting scenario with the best possible execution I've ever read, it's all gold and diamonds! your efforts in making everything so accurate is just inspiring, keep it up, we'll wait as long as the sun still stands for the next chapter
8/23 c9 lazytodo3
Just found a masterpiece, keep it up mate!
8/15 c9 BravoSix1311
Wish you well Gavius! < 3
8/7 c9 calvin9871
This is a very good story I hope on see new chapters in the future. Also I just wanted to comment on something. While Caster Gilgamish does call people mongrouls he is what one would call more reasonable in his caster form. As it resembles him in his old age while he was a wise king. So he is less arogant than he was in his archer form. Please keep this in mind, as alot of people I've seen just write the two as the same personaility.
7/31 c9 ACompletelyRandomPerson
is this dead?
7/16 c9 Guest
So like... When's chapter 10? This chapter was suuuuuuuuper tense when I first read it. Rereading it, it feels just as tense.
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