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for Harry Potter and the Stitch in Time

9h c40 7throughhiseyes
awesome story!
12/4 c39 Cole the Demon Hunter
Second comment. Keep on going this amazing story.

P.S. only 1 comment allowed per chapter.
12/4 c40 Cole the Demon Hunter
1 comment
12/3 c25 acwahlster
Neck Romamcers...brilliant
12/2 c40 5Margaret Luna Sullivan
Don’t you just love inflation! (Heavy sarcasm)
Absolutely adore the story (ZERO sarcasm)
11/30 c6 no name
humm .. wrongfully call something we yanks have known from babyhood as COOKIES. grow up you engender to the words other contraries know as the RIGHT way to say what a thing is. gee whizz give us a break why don't ya.
11/29 c40 Guest
Good job!
12/1 c40 moraine9
Excellent as always.
11/29 c40 Guest
Dumbledore actually being punished for his incompetence?! I am shocked and thrilled at the same time!
11/29 c40 yoto
bon chapitre
11/29 c40 EP
12/1 c40 fraewyn
love it!
12/1 c10 17nagiten
i thought harry was given a new trunk for his birthday so why did sirius need to get him a new one? why is harry usrpised hermione got a copy of the prophet he knew she got a subscription they tlaked about it before harry was rescued by his grandfather and sirius
oohhh charlus V snape & dumbledore ding ding
12/1 c8 nagiten
nice chapter,you say the weasley arrived an hour before they left by portkey yet have it say the next day harry discovered how portkeys arent for him? why did it skip to a day when it was only an hour till they left via portkey? also you call harry hardy when he pranking the twins, also i thought harry found out way before ''yesterday'' that his dad was one of the marauders?
let see how the death eater handles a pissed off and emotional charlus and sirius hmm
11/30 c4 nagiten
hmm wonder how dumbledore and the like will handle charlus been alive?
also i thought you said hermione went to italy last chapter not france?
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