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for Revice Speed Demons

9/9/2022 c1 VazerX
Where's the next chapter?
7/25/2022 c1 Guest
you could use the original idea that the mother dies at the beginning of the series
7/24/2022 c1 Arturwho
I love it
7/24/2022 c1 Guest
Oh boy, Sonic becoming Revi. That's an interesting change that's come about, alongside elements of Unleashed's aftermath. But considering the symptoms, revelations, and evolutions that Ikki underwent in the ongoing show now applied to Sonic to a degree, this proves very interesting indeed.
7/22/2022 c1 17HackerEX
I gotta say, this is an interesting Revice crossover. The fact that Scourge is back and this is looking to be a sequel to Sonic Unleashed is interesting. Makes me wonder how the rest of Sonic's friends will get involved in this?

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