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for Harry's Private Army

3/14 c27 mcgaughydd
One of the best!r
3/12 c27 Guest
good story
2/22 c27 Cassandra30
Excellent story!
2/22 c26 Cassandra30
Excellent trap. Problem is Dumbledore wouldn't come rescue Harry.
2/22 c25 Cassandra30
Harry is thinking ahead.
2/22 c24 Cassandra30
A viable plan.
2/22 c23 Cassandra30
Did Neville get a new wand? Good day.
2/22 c22 Cassandra30
Everything went well. But the collapse didn't get fixed.
2/22 c21 Cassandra30
Helping Neville is good. Getting him is own wand is wonderful.
2/22 c20 Cassandra30
Seamus? Not a good choice. Still punishing Harry.
2/22 c19 Cassandra30
Harry is seeing truth now. Good for him. Maturity can be hard won. Ron and Hermione haven't got there yet. Neville has.
2/22 c18 Cassandra30
Neville is correct. Good he is willing to hang in there.
2/22 c16 Cassandra30
The twins did well.
2/22 c15 Cassandra30
Dumbledore is losing support. It couldn't happen to a better person.
2/22 c14 Cassandra30
Terrific inventions! Great investment for Sirius.
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