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for Sarah vs the Third First Date

8/4/2022 c2 3Captainrick944
Nice...I met Hayden at Langley...Nice guy.
7/30/2022 c2 Surfsupbra
Great story Jeff. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
7/29/2022 c2 13Chuckfanster
I like where your story is going although I’m having a little difficulty with what you did with Casey. Your reasoning however is sound. Hope you write more to this story and handle Bryce.
7/26/2022 c2 7Dillwg
I usually don’t read other peoples reviews, but might make an exception in this case. I’m guessing you’ve ruffled more than a few feathers by making Casey worse than Bryce. But you also make a valid point. Besides being ridiculously presumptive that the intersect upload would be successful, Casey would have known the order was illegal and his participation criminal.
The story also puts a much different spin on don’t ask don’t tell. But Hayden was much more practical and pragmatic than the show.
I’m just sorry the story is over.
7/26/2022 c2 2Timber63
So this a review of chapters 1 & 2, read straight through. I love the start here and the fact Sarah is more in tune and willing to admit her feelings, even if at the start its just to herself. I like she didn't kill Casey, but his arrogance is annoying. One thing I noticed, you keep referring to Hayden as Director of CIA, isn't he the DNI? Graham was the Director CIA, then Johansen would be promoted with his loss. That part was a little confusing for me. Otherwise, good start, like what's happening. Thanks for sharing.
7/25/2022 c2 AwesomeCasey
Well, things turned out pretty well here. Perhaps the only true justice is that Graham got blown up. Beckman deserved a covert and fatal visit from Sarah, and Casey deserves a long prison term and getting drummed out of the NSA and the Marines. But most importantly, Chuck and Sarah got the relationship they really wanted.

Very nice two-shot, and it was very nice of you to give them a very understanding and supportive new boss. Imagine how much good they will be able to do without distractions by Jill or Cole. Nice!
7/25/2022 c2 Vurich23
Very nicely done. Really liked how you wrapped up Casey and Beckman’s fates. They both got exactly what they deserved and I wish the show addressed the attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder charges, amongst a ton of other crimes they both committed in regards to Chuck. I love it when fics address it. Well done.
7/25/2022 c2 wilf21
That was a wonderful ending to your excellent two-parter. It all seemed more logical, as well.
7/25/2022 c1 wilf21
Now that is a very interesting take on the situation. So is she right about Casey, or did he just not know what had happened. I hope to find out right now!
7/24/2022 c2 1Ancientgamer
The perfect ending to a fun story. Bosses treating people like the adults they are. Not trying to micromanage their personal lives. Don't ask, don't tell, indeed. Are Casey and Beckman Fulcrum? Who really cares? Giving illegal orders and trying to carry them out should land them in jail and it did. Good stuff. Loving couples are there for each other and do everything they can to protect each other. So, Sarah has to sleep naked on top of Chuck. It's part of her job to protect him that way. Chuck won't ever stay in the car, or the kitchen or anywhere else, when Sarah is in danger. That's part of his job. I do wonder, though, what happens when all of the "don't ask, don't tell" behavior results in "you're showing" and a baby protectee eventually arrives? We both know that they'll forget about the other protection sooner or later, right? lol. So much better and more fun than canon. Thanks for sharing this, Jeff.
7/24/2022 c2 Mpeter
So, so much better than cannon. Don't ask don't tell is a great response or solution to the whole asset/handler boondoggle. Is he getting compensated now. I think making him high ranking field analyst would work but we have Charah now so that's most important. Excellent story. Thank you.
7/24/2022 c1 Ancientgamer
Great beginning to a reimagining of the Third First Date. Sarah's early and cuts right to the chase. No more waiting and no more disappointments. Chuck having the wherewithal and stupidity to think about the oven when he has a warm and willing Sarah Walker on top of him is both admirable and infuriating. lol. Chuck, dude! You just cock blocked yourself. A phone call badly timed. The confusion about Sarah staying instead of leaving and how that impacts them spending time together. Stupid agent/asset rule. Sarah decides not to worry about that rule until the next day.

Then an intruder adds to the frustration. Casey, no less. Oops! Sarah shoots first and asks questions later, following him back to his apartment and getting the drop on him. Is he Fulcrum or just following bad orders? Figure that out later. She knocks him out just to be safe. Stay in the kitchen. Stay in the car. Doesn't matter. Chuck doesn't listen or hesitate when he thinks she's in danger. Are you cold? lol. He runs to get her a shirt. Of course, he does.

Just saw that the second chapter dropped. Thanks for sharing, good sir.
7/24/2022 c2 atcDave
"Don't ask, don't tell" is utterly fitting in this case! Perfectly played, things would be different with an actual adult in charge!
7/24/2022 c2 74nevr
Fantastic chapter. The whole of it perfectly executed (lol). And the A/N at the end wrapped things up well. Thank you for sharing this.
7/24/2022 c2 11fezzywhigg
Absolutely wonderful! I really enjoyed this chapter to wrap things up. Awesome! Will there be more?
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