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8/20 c6 Red's Melancholy
I'm really liking this so far! Hopefully we can get some more updates
8/16 c6 4El Publicano
An amazing job. I wasn't sure what to expect from a Harry Potter spy story but I have to admit that the idea is very appealing. I will be waiting for more of this interesting story.
7/17 c6 Akvis
7/6 c6 SlytherinQueen4ever
cool chap.I am eager to see what happens next
6/30 c6 atrelis
Daphne’s reaction to Draco and Astoria being together was very funny! Looking forward to the confrontation with Rookwood
6/30 c3 atrelis
Loving the concept of this story so far! Daphne being irritated at not being part of the DA was quite amusing
6/22 c6 Chatruc
Great story!
6/20 c6 rocklover163
Can't wait to see what comes next!
6/19 c6 Harrypotterpercyjacksonfan90
Very good chapter please post more soon!
6/18 c6 1bakukan10
I know this means absolutely nothing, but I really want more of this story over others. (Honestly just to see Harry duel Valkyrie). So pretty pretty please update this again before your other stories. (Yes… I’m aware it’s completely selfish and not at all realistic but hey)
6/18 c2 1OoOXylionOoO
Thanks for the chapter.
6/18 c1 OoOXylionOoO
6/18 c6 The Hallowed Man
Enjoyed reading the chapter, thank you
6/15 c5 Jim
something different on a story, great job btw.
6/15 c1 jim
i wanted to see Harry wipe the floor with all them. But you disappointed me. So sad
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