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for Agent Potter: The Wizard of WAND

9/28 c2 2triblood
Please update this soon! Love this concept and the world it looks like you are creating.
9/21 c2 jackseaweedjackson
Great start you got me hooked! Let’s see the rest
9/17 c2 serenity76
Teddy was metioned in tne last movie when Tonks came to hekp the orfre ar hogwarts.
9/8 c2 4Davinius Gerard Fogg
EUROS?! Since when? Still pounds Sterling in the UK.
9/3 c2 jackmylad 2
You have watched the kings men films to much
9/1 c2 1Crusader Nightshade
I'd love it if Daphne showed Harry up in a duel cos he pissed her off and she wants to kill him.
9/1 c2 WildOnionTops
Interesting start
8/25 c2 Chaos
Loving your story so far, can’t wait to read more
8/24 c2 3artdam
Hm ... Would Harry let his blood get taken? This much blood? Especially after seeing what can be done with magical blood? Voldemort resurrection, Centaurs' blood, Dragons' blood. You even wrote a big scene with signing contract with his blood and how important and binding it is.
Even if he agreed to give his blood. I think he would insist to be present and watch what is done with it. He is an Auror, after all
I am really sceptical about this part.
Keep it up. It is an interesting read.
8/24 c2 Harrypotterpercyjacksonfan90
Very interesting so far please post again soon thanks!
8/23 c2 Samos39
one downside harry is his thoughts are... tiring
8/23 c2 AVeryBoredTeen
this is a cool story
8/22 c2 snow fox2000
Looks like a good story looking forward to the next chapter
8/22 c2 PrinceSusanoo
Really great chapter! What is the estimated length of this fic btw? am curious abt how the plot will continue and can't wait for ur next upload
8/22 c2 Herbert Fleet
Wow.. Story is amazing so far.. I just became a fan of yours after reading rise of the last potter.. I just became addictive to it.. Please update that too.. Anyway your writing abilities are great.. Little question.. Are you from India?
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