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for Agent Potter: The Wizard of WAND

8/22 c2 PrinceSusanoo
Really great chapter! What is the estimated length of this fic btw? am curious abt how the plot will continue and can't wait for ur next upload
8/22 c2 Herbert Fleet
Wow.. Story is amazing so far.. I just became a fan of yours after reading rise of the last potter.. I just became addictive to it.. Please update that too.. Anyway your writing abilities are great.. Little question.. Are you from India?
8/21 c1 Chiku11
Hmm good start...and ofcourse a haphne fic.
8/21 c2 kv2008
so the pairing is harry/daphne, right?
8/21 c2 2A10riddick
Great chapter! Can't wait for the next one!
8/21 c2 28Kairan1979
Thanks for the update.
I half-expected the woman to hit him in the back (that's what happened to Bond when he rescued a hostage in Never Say Never Again).
8/21 c1 2A10riddick
Great start!

Don't forget Agent's of SHIELD!
8/21 c2 2The Quotable Patella
Adding puttar every sentence does not magically make it Punjabi accent. You need to show it in the turn of phrase.
8/21 c2 5michaelc100
very interesting story
8/21 c1 1Chico06
Update soon please. Really liking how this is going.
8/21 c2 SiriusOrionBitch
Great chapter thank you! Take care,

8/21 c2 4BROMBROS
how would Harry curtsy if he is sitting in a chair while speaking to the waitress I would believe Harry would have nodded to the waitress when he said sure
8/21 c2 ruma1981ray
Going good! Carry on ..
8/21 c2 jmood
I'm really enjoying this story. A fun chapter
8/12 c1 skotos07
WAW seems very good!
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