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10/22/2022 c5 Margaret Redmon
This was great! I read it all at one sitting! Now to read A Daughters Thanks! It's Saturday and I'm not so sure I should start it, but I'm going to see how many chapters it has. Again, I'm so happy Nathan came back to Hope Valley and he and Elizabeth will get together. He really does love her and if he does, Allie will listen as he explains things to her. Thank you again, I loved reading this!
8/28/2022 c4 Karen Martin
I am right there w you-team Nathan always! Excited!
8/28/2022 c3 Karen Martin
YEAH! I just love Bill...
8/28/2022 c2 Karen Martin
It is so sweet to see how Jack loves Nathan! Getting excited for N and E!
8/10/2022 c5 Guest
I will be waiting eagerly for the new story.
8/8/2022 c4 Guest
Good job. Definitely waiting for further chapters.
8/10/2022 c5 Ann Power-Wolfe
I will be waiting and watching for A Daughter's Thanks! Have a great day Katie!
8/10/2022 c5 4heather4cu
I'm a bit behind on my FanFic reading but looking forward to reading the new story
8/7/2022 c4 Guest
Can’t wait for more!
8/9/2022 c5 8Missela
I'm looking forward to A Daughter's Thanks!
8/7/2022 c4 4heather4cu
This was wonderful and very much you:) Love the idea of William Thatcher playing matchmaker though I am glad everyone else is on the same page too. I am glad you plan to continue it though I hope I get the notifications next time. Nathan and Allie are back where they belong-excited to see what comes next.
8/7/2022 c4 Maddie0507
So Lucas is in jail and had decided to cooperate with the investigation. About time.

I am glad Mr. Wentworth had finally recognised that Allie is comparably advance compared to her classmates and recommended her to be moved to the upper level.

Oh no Elizabeth was poking her nose again where it didn't belong putting herself and others in danger. Lucky for her she didn't get killed. I like that Nathan went to tell Lucas who was in prison that Elizabeth was shot by one of his business partners, and without elaborating, he rushed out of prison, leaving Lucas in a quandary. I like that.
8/6/2022 c3 Maddie0507
I feel sorry for Allie. Some teachers are not supportive at all. Luckily she could always depend on her Dad's support. Allie and Little Jack's reunion was so sweet, especially when Jack said “I wish you could be my sister”. I wonder what would Alice and William do to fix the Nathan and Elizabeth situation?
8/6/2022 c2 Maddie0507
I like that William Thatcher did not reveal his true identity to Lucas on his arrival. Lucas should have made the room booking for Mr. Thatcher first and foremost before engaging in idle talk. That way he would have known who the new customer was and would have avoided his embarrassment. His arrogance will be his downfall. Although I'm glad Lucas' blunder gave Bill some amusement. Nice one.

Uh oh, Lucas gave a stolen ring to Elizabeth as an engagement ring? That was a huge mistake. Surprisingly Elizabeth was still defending Lucas. Interesting.

Aww, I love Little Jack's excitement on seeing Nathan. His “I miss you Na'tan' was so adorable. This Nathan and Jack scene made me tear up a little.

So, Elizabeth admitted that she made a mistake of not choosing Nathan. About time.
8/6/2022 c1 Maddie0507
Wow Nathan didn't hold back from telling Mr Thatcher about how Elizabeth broke, not only his heart but that of Allie's as well. That was very well done.

Aww Jack wants Nathan to be his new Daddy. That was so sweet.

Wow, Lucas had already planned Elizabeth's life without her input. Charming, NOT. Looking forward to reading the next chapter.
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