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for The Guild of Gamers: The Nightmare

7/21 c6 3Slowest Turtle
A wild Void Cowboy appears! I kinda like the Parahuman/Metahuman Online Boards in a world that isn't Worm. Gives more insight into the characters.
7/21 c5 Slowest Turtle
I'm enjoying this story more than I expected... That probably says something about me, but I'm ignoring that because having too much fun laughing at Markus pulling a Dexter, then taking selfies with the daughter of his new boss. Why do I love your stories the most when the MC is an irredeemable villain?
7/9 c9 1sorashinny
i love all the hellraiser references. its one of my favorite movies and it cool to see it geting love lol.
7/4 c13 kaydenburnt
The dark wolf Shiro please update this fanfiction shit got me kicking my feet and giggling!
6/24 c13 MAZING
6/26 c13 15Saneone
just realized this guy is basically evil mr beast
6/18 c13 Guest
This is possibly the most fucked up thing you’ve written yet. Keep up the good work!
6/13 c1 Gwydion669
I just love the idea of a Gamer being so effed up that Shiro just throws up his hands and goes "Yeah, do whatever you want. Sigh."
6/12 c13 PandoraOfVanity
Wow your reaching greater and greater heights with your depravity. Slaanesh would be proud lmao
6/11 c13 G
Thanks So Much For Updating! This Is My Favorite Fanfiction Of Yours!
6/9 c13 voidwalker294381672
8/10, can't wait for the next chapter.
6/9 c13 Hendianata
Man, this fanfic is great. This insanity is how I imagine an 'evil' MC should behave.
6/6 c13 SpiritDeNight
6/6 c13 Guest
Not gonna lie if you have a problem with this chapter, you might be a fucking pedophile, considering the same thing that happened to Diana happened to Thea from the rape part also black canary was rape if I remember so yeah, you guys are full of shit.
6/6 c13 Guest
I’m gonna be honest this one is my favorite of all your fics and I’m hoping to see more like maybe legion expands to marvel or mha or maybe worm I just love this it hope it doesn’t end some time soon
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