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for The Guild of Gamers: The Nightmare

19m c10 1Numlock1
bonus scene...well shit
23m c10 JustStalkingPosts
God, i love this story by far my favorite of yours. Hopefully, your muse holds this one tight for awhile back to back updates. would be sick
30m c10 lord Lucifer morning star
Muse demand more nightmare and while ur in the mood every other story as well!
38m c10 4Verdauga
We've got your Morally challenged but not out and out evil Gamers, Himbo Sett, fairly nice guy Arthur...

And then there's this asshole, who is honestly amongif not themost disturbing and fucked characters I've read about in Fanfiction. Not a guy I'd root for. Well written though.

Vaguely makes me think of (I think he went by) Sir Lucifer Morningstar here on FFN and his stories, don't think he's written stuff here in awhile, party because those stories were outlets for his darker emotions given his poor life situation throughout, and I believe he'd gotten stuff sorted to a degree and stopped because trying to bring up those old feelings as fuel was unhealthy.

That and the Naruto Fic 'Black Flames Dance In The Wind'. Been awhile, wonder how that's doing.

Anyway, I'm tired, rambling, and dealing with wretched swipe-n-type just not writing what I want so I'm struggling there, but have a good night, see ya next post. Or something.
Bye bye, thanks for the Chapter!
1h c10 LezarioFanficio
Love this stuff! Also pls more warlord, i love both, no pressure if you dont want to doe
1h c10 FuryJoe
great story
1h c10 Noiiree
not gonna lie, I saw this ending a mile away hahaha, I put my money that the grandpa Kent will offer himself to stay behind, or barbara, but I hope is Vicky.
1h c10 Lucifer-Satani
As fucked in the head as this might make me (lol) is is one of my favourite stories. I can't wait to read more.

And can I just say, Mark (:}) is completely fucked in the head. This is an absolutely fucked up plan, and I love it. Being a Victim in his own game, without even knowing it's his game in the first place? That's brilliant. Insane, but brilliant. I look forward to reading more.
1h c10 Primarx
thanks for the chapter. very interesting and enjoyable
2h c10 1KarlosRollos
Ooooh, a social game of murder/survival. And the good guys reached a member limit. Fuuuuun 8)

I wonder who the solo survivor of the volcano gem is...
4h c10 4hnh058513
Something tells me it's a Kent that will be left behind
5h c10 rougeshadow
Thanks for the chapter update, I love nightmare gamer
5h c10 PasiveNox
Damn he crazy great chapter wonderful
6h c10 1SkyCaptain502
I fully expect good! Markus to volunteer to stay behind and find another way out. Pa Kent will pat him firmly on the back, say something to the effect of "Good man, but I can't let you do that", and push him into the portal.
7h c10 Neo Infinity
Thanks for the great chapter I’m glad this one is finally updated and mc plan is low key clever for his other persona.
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