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for The Hunter of Cauldron

8/26/2022 c2 adam110902
8/25/2022 c2 1beserkerbeast
love to see more
8/15/2022 c2 mad52mac
Too much info dump
8/15/2022 c2 Zeroavenger
i hope you write more
8/6/2022 c2 Guest
Love what you've written thus far!
8/8/2022 c1 Spidersauce
Fairly interesting. His pretending to not want to fly is weird though. He could have made Alexandria drop him with ease, after all.
Will see where this goes. Thanks for writing~
8/6/2022 c2 Piandao
8/3/2022 c2 7thewolfgod99
Lore-accurate Hunter, good. I mean, Gameplay hunter can't cross a knee high wall.
8/2/2022 c2 22edboy4926
Awesome chapter.
8/2/2022 c2 Aleucard
So, what happened with Eidolon being the Endbringers' summoner? That still a thing? It'd make some sense if they were leeching off of the shards from their kills to pass it up the chain for here, but it seems to be implied that they are just there on their own.
8/2/2022 c2 Spelloyal
It's an interesting idea, but the constant explanations in the conversations spoiled these two chapters a little as it filled them with information dump and some dialogue that emerged. Thoughts where the characters arrive maybe add other obvious ones by themselves instead of having dialogue can explain everything in detail can make things better
8/1/2022 c2 3maskedkeeper
hmm when eidolon explains cauldron and its members, including legend and others
Then the hunter asked why legend couldn't be trusted

you missed the in-between part of them mentioning that legend wasn't trusted fully. Unless you wanted the fact legend wasn't there yet enough of a clue for legend not being trusted... ?

now for my comment for the last chapter
it wasn't bad this time around since like you said, he actually needed to explain things for his powers, but I noticed your character went into long paragraphs , where he would answer their question then answer like three more before they asked.

just ruins the flow since, most people wouldn't talk like that for every answer, I guess you don't need to explain all aspects of his powers to us readers
The story and plot are still good, It seems like it's just something you need to work out with practice until you find the right valiance.
7/31/2022 c1 SirMaou
his very talkative, is he teacher or a scholar? before he became a Hunter?
7/31/2022 c1 SirMaou
his very talkative, is he teacher or a scholar? before he became a Hunter?
7/31/2022 c1 maskedkeeper
pretty good
but main character keeps going on long tangent explaining his powers, to the point it just feels like you explaining how op he is.

it's better to see his abilities as we go or when needed.
instead of him going "I can manipulate you, but I'm also super strong and can manipulate the whole city, but also I'm so strong I can also become a god in a dream" ... so

then everyone just moved on, like cool thanks for that explanation.
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