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8/23 c19 1Lilthug
This story is good. Great job
7/26 c19 Guest
Rest in peace to this fanfic, it was good while it lasted
7/26 c1 Guest
Res in peace to this fanfic, it was good but it fell to the no update curse
7/13 c1 Darkanaklusmos70
bro for the pairings itaizu is fine but here izumi and kinjo would be better ... rest's upon u but please consider it would love to see it
7/13 c19 Darkanaklusmos70
awesome story! when's the next update
6/29 c19 M2R
interesting alright
6/25 c13 NastySquire
I like the way nature transformations have levels. Fire, ash, oil, gunpowder. Never seen that done in any other fic I've ever read.

However, gunpowder/guns are used by one person that I'm not sure anyone even knows about in this world. So why would anyone know about gunpowder? Or, at the very least, why would they call it 'gunpowder' and not something else? It breaks my immersion every time I see it.
6/25 c19 4serus black antihumannature
good work I hope he saves karrine's mom but maybe that's just wishful thinking
6/25 c19 Dr1zzy
Thx hor the update good fight scene
6/24 c19 vadrulesall
thanks for the chapter
6/24 c19 Sisyphus888
Excellent chapter as always, I don’t have any constructive criticism so keep up the good work
6/24 c19 5DG2
It is now time for our MC to catch the female ninjas hearts.
6/24 c19 8ThePowerfullKira
I got an idea for the MC. Give Him Scorpions chain kunais from mortal combat. it would fit well with your plans of him eventually controlling fire on his skin.
6/24 c19 4The-Tobi
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. KINJO WON! Yay! Ngl I feel bad for the Kumo-nin. He just wanted to help his teammates go home. Thats noble even if how he tried to make it happen wasn't. Hayama's way of dispatching the Jonin was brutal... but that's nice! Just show's he's a badass. Also birb summon. Gotta luv it. Also wise choice for them to not take the Chunin exams. Team Five is a good team but with some of the genin participating in it *Cough Itachi Cough* it wouldn't be the best of ideas.
Anyways thank you for the chapter!
6/24 c19 evilstatistic19
Good chapter looking forward to the next one
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