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for Dungeons and Devils Campaign 2: Kitsune Boogaloo

5/26 c1 The Lord Shaxx
I can not believe it took me till chapter 18 to think of this comparison. Our fanfics MC has whitehair, missing an eye, ha sa mechanical arm, and has a petite yellowed haired girlfriend. Its basically Hajime Nagumo from Arifuerta and i love it
5/19 c11 bumbbuff
Im not even here for the plot anymore, im here because of the absolute vitriol that is the cutout smut comments
5/2 c8 dkainallen
yay kunou tho i liked her loli elf better for we can get he supreme combo with her thicc milf of mother and her the yummy loli
5/2 c7 dkainallen
where i go o read the lemons at
5/2 c7 dkainallen
so where can we find the lewds for this chap
4/30 c18 Gellius G Gloop
I would love to see this get some more chapters, I adore Nagure's story :)
4/21 c18 1WOLF-GOST
update soon
4/14 c11 Guest
Sacrificing life span lengths in years to use. Id rather not have that as a "reward".
4/11 c1 Abbadon44
Just spent most of my day off rereading this work of art! Hope to see you return to it sometime so I see more of Nagure trolling Rias after she accuses him of being Argo before the week is up.
4/11 c15 3The Richmaster
well, that was certainly an interesting way of doing this... not often to see a non-MC Riser actually make use of his resources
4/11 c14 The Richmaster
really loved the training montage here, especially Koneko and Kiba's sections
4/11 c13 The Richmaster
boot camp is fun and I enjoyed the reality check
4/11 c11 The Richmaster
Really loving all the interaction but Mittelt especially
4/11 c7 The Richmaster
love the interections, pity about the removal being necessary
4/11 c6 The Richmaster
the date with Mittelt was cute
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