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5/18 c1 Guest
just 2 questions. how many chapters did you post in the last days before pulling the story. and how much time do you think the average reader can spend on reading?
5/17 c1 licenci4
Me quedé en esa, no pude terminar de leer la historia, hace algunos días q no entro al sitio y ahora s entre me encuentro esto,
5/17 c1 mondfee71
it's really frustrating that without warning you deleted the story.
5/16 c1 TiaMaria710
I just received a story alert so how is it it’s been pulled?
5/16 c1 Guest reader
This is the third time I have attempted to read this to the end of the story. I won't bother to try reading anything else you write as it is an exercise in frustration.
5/16 c1 Leleia
Thanks for sharing.
5/16 c1 Guest
Have you finished posting the previous version of this story? As a reader, I find the way you share your work very disruptive. There are a few versions to a story. Some edited, some not. Your often produce a chapter a day. Would it not be better if you take time over each chapter and post a polished version rather than doing it piecemeal?
5/15 c27 Amexshell
Loved the opportunity to read this again. Binged the end. Well written I love David and his family.
5/15 c27 Deanna27
thank you for sharing your talent with us! I do love this story, let us know if your daughter edits this for sale.
5/15 c27 dama.emi.rae.mi
Solo quiero decir que leí esto en tiempo record porque lo encontre 2 dias antes del 15 de mayo. Te agradezco que este tan bien escrito, ya que para mi, que el inglés no es mi primer idioma le entendi perfectamente y aun las traducciones automáticas de la app fanfiction son entendibles y entendí todo perfectamente, lo cual es mucho más fácil si hay una buena edición.
Lo ame y no lo deje hasta que termine de leer.
5/15 c24 Anniedexterous
Oh no! What is Wickham going to do?
5/15 c27 tnet
Thank you for sharing your lovely story again
5/15 c27 robinwh
Thank you for sharing all your wonderful stories! You always have unique ideas and great OCs. This was my second time reading Hidden Feelings, and I enjoyed it again!
5/14 c27 LoveInTheBattleField
Everyone changed and found happiness and Lydia stayed the same SPOILED BRAT! This story was wonderful and the epilogue was lovely!

Happy Mother's Day!
5/14 c27 1afangirlimagines
you did an amazing job with this. i loved the story so much and watching the different romances blossom was beautiful. also i like how you characterized anne and lady catherine. it was such an interesting and good take on it :)
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