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6/11/2023 c3 Nicolette von Tronje
I like Miguel, I would dearly like to see more of him
1/18/2023 c3 SomthingOrElse
Great story! hope you continue someday
10/13/2022 c3 nikolasj314
interdesting, ill take more thank you very much
9/4/2022 c3 GoldStar77
While I do think that nerfing is sometime required for the mc to not break the verse that easily, it's still quite infuriating to see. It's best if you can find a proper power development with the system and how it will strengthen the mc or just boost the heck out of the RWBY verse since that is something I've seen being implemented in a gamer RWBY fic once and it was an overall enjoyable ride.
9/4/2022 c2 GoldStar77
You know, Summer's abrupt introduction line about wanting to be friends with Zephyr for some reason reminds me a little of Manaka Sajyou from Fate/Prototype. A tiny amount of sociopathy and maybe yandere depending on how you look at it considering the Remnant he is at is most likely an AU with Summer's race change as the first indication. It will be interesting to see how Zephyr will undercover more about this Summer the more he spends time with her since things aren't always what they seem at first glance.

Another point I think you should consider is to add more scene time for Summer if you haven't already thought so since the description did say that it is leaning towards OC x Summer. It's always best to be more immerse in the character themselves and specifically for the love interests because it show you more about their true essence or something along the line of that the more you get to know them. Also I wouldn't complain if you do add Raven in the mix since her and Summer are the only 2 waifus available in this RWBY timeline after all beside the other version of Weiss and Blake (maybe Glynda but not sure about her). Not to mention, she might also be a "little" different like Summer.
9/3/2022 c3 Onxio
Honestly nothing interesting has happened and I usually only go on the fanfiction search page and search for gamer fics above 30k words.

I only found this fic because I don't do the word count bit when searching specific Fandom aka Rwby
8/29/2022 c2 mrwinterdk
looking forward too see how this story will go
8/5/2022 c1 ThanoSstinks
No 24-hour Cinderella

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