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for Battered and Bandaged: A Ragnarok Online fanfic

4/26/2004 c1 10Flashfire
Finally got around to putting this on the RO list. It's not been updated forever! .. apologies to anyone waiting for things, I have impending A levels.
I should finish this after I'm done with school. Really. You can bear with me, hm? :)
3/31/2004 c1 1ririca
Ragnarok Online fanfiction now has it's own section. Put it there ne? ^^ Sorry if I say all this in a review.
11/29/2003 c4 DemonMiko
=^-^= I really really like this story. Chimera's cool, and I like how they perceive the world around them, as opposed to how we usually perceive the game. That's very cool, I like it a lot. I hope to read more soon!
11/4/2003 c4 2Runebinder
Hey, cool! This made me laugh: "Course we are. If you'd like to be honest, you're greener than grass. They wouldn't accept you, period. You use that knife like it's a sword, and they don't like that." God, that was funny. You gotta keep writing this man. Don't stop! I wouldn't if I were you. These fanfics rock cause I'm still playing RO. I might even start on my own RO fanfic soon!
7/8/2003 c1 Domingo
I have to admit, I thought it'd be MEH or SUCK when I first saw this, but by halfway through, I knew it was the cool! Crazy stuff, and you've practically captured the essence of casteele, arr
7/5/2003 c3 Comic
"Yes, it is." Ketsen replied, nonchalantly. "Some people think I'm rather eccentric, but I'm not. I just know what I like. As my old Poring used to say... Waffle. Strudel. Lederhosen. We go now."

AHAHAHAHA. This made me laugh! You have done it once more! Continue on!
7/4/2003 c2 rarr
Indeed, Flash, nice to see some good RO fanfiction. You may have the grammar errors that typing late at night brings but that doesn't matter, now does it.
7/4/2003 c2 24Valefor
You should know that my reviews tend to be simplistic enough. : But I'll toss up a "hey, that's pretty neat" at you anyways~! Cause it's the truth and all. :) Can't wait to see more. :D
7/3/2003 c2 10Gizensha
Since I haven't actually played RO [for reasons I keep telling you (and that are different to the ones I used to keep telling you)] this made remarkable sense, impressive.

Anyway, like the pace of the fic, as I always seem to do with your fiction, and the writing style... Uhh, see previous. Somewhat (read - significantly) less dark seeming than anything I've read of yours previously, but that comment's neither here nor there. Anyway, enjoyed the read.
7/3/2003 c2 DragonBlaze
I am surprised I remembered my account name actually o_o Ah yes, quite good, but you knew that already didn't you? I'm just here to point out that I saw a few typing mistakes in the second chapter (I imagine since it wasn't here when I first came here, you ended up typing it later, and later always leads to mistakes so I will excuse this.)

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