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3/13 c1 Mr.Swags
3/13 c19 Mr.Swags
3/13 c19 Mr.Swags
1/17 c19 Sweenett stan
Please do not abandon this story, it's sooo good! for months I would come here to see if there was a new chapter, and now there is 3
9/26/2023 c18 1OpheliaMagicka13
Idk if you’re even around anymore, or if you were even still around when I replied to your messages after I got back from holiday. Now the beginning of school’s been keeping me from finishing this story up. I know you said that you were leaving and no longer writing Fanfic, so no clue if you’ll even see this, but thought I’d leave my last reviews anyway.
You really did blow it, Sweeney, blew it like the atomic bomb! Good to know that he’s stepped out of his own little “all about me” world to realise what an arse he’s been, quite sad that he had to read through all of her journal entries for it to FINALLY sink in, though. Especially when he’s fucked everything up with his trust issues and insecurities. Come on, Nell, think. Yes, you’re very vulnerable right now, but you’re also smart enough to know that Harold’s behaviour is highly suspect. Hieroglyphics Isn’t the only shady man in that room, Nell, don’t get too comfy around Harold. As an aside, though, I must say that is an awesome name, even if the guy’s an arrogant POS, haha. Get your hands off of Nellie, so disgusting. Yes, we get it, you’re rich af, you like to flaunt it, and you deserve a kick right in the sweet spot.
That whole sex scene between Nellie and Harold, I’m stuck somewhere between disgusted and entertained in the most hilarious way, what a mess! Of course Harold isn’t a gentleman, Nellie! There’s a reason that he has no money on him, he’s an utter charlatan. And unless you realise it soon, as soon as you get to NY, he’s giving to be gone and with whatever you may have. That’s right, Nellie, make sure that the creep with an unfortunately awesome name gets the pampering that he’s had coming to him.

Ugh, just shut up Hieroglyphics/Hieronymus. Get those repugnant thoughts about Nell and Sweeney out of your head. On another note, however, I do love how you describe things. All of these different ways you have of referring to Nellie’s privates and chest, it may make me seem immature, but I can’t help laughing with your metaphors. Ohhh Johnathan, Johnathan, Jonathan, trying to play Cupid to this enormous mess of a pair. Seeing Sweeney be the one who’s desperate for Nellie’s affection to be reciprocated is so bloody bizarre, both of their personalities are pulling a 180. Good for Sweeney, making maybe the last thing that he does before Nellie leaves, something to show her just how much he’s truly grown to care for her. Those names are just making me lose it. Heirloom? Maybe Hippopotamus? Hypnotherapist? Wrong, it’s Heterochromatic! Hahaha.
I love this plan so much, just as Sweeney said, remarkable in it’s simplicity. Sweeney’s retort to old H-what’s-his-name deserves such a round of applause, especially that part at the very end. Leave the guy with a nice piss off and die, sometimes a person just needs to be told to get their head from out of their arse. Oh Sweeney, you have no idea of how right you are to be suspicious of Harold, go with that intuition, barber boy!

My gods and goddesses, what an ending! Can’t decide if you leaving Fanfiction now is a genius move or a huge tease with a cliffhanger like that. I enjoy a good make up your own finale story, but gaaaah! Now I’m utterly gutted. Look who’s talking though, since you’re leaving (if you haven’t already been gone), I’ve decided to leave my own story abandoned and given up on my idea for a sequel. Still, this was Ana amazing story, completely outstanding and you were a brilliant writer, it was great being able to talk to you and getting to know you. Farewell and wish you all of the best in the future.
7/14/2023 c14 OpheliaMagicka13
Oh the muddled messages, oh the drama, oh the amazing storytelling as always! I swear I cannot stop praising your writing and storytelling skill enough, you never cease to amaze me. Plus, your close attention to detail without going into prattling and boring over-explanation (which I likely tend to do though I try to work on it). I only wish that I could do the same. I can only hope that your being MIA for so long isn’t because you’ve become bored with my own story.

Ohhhh Sweeney, I bet you’re kind of regretting claiming she’s your sister now. Surely, she can always so no, but Winslow doesn’t seem like the kind of person who would handle rejection well. You’ve gotten yourselves into quite an interesting conundrum now. Sweeney going on a self-loathing trip again, talking about how he can’t give anything to Nellie and their baby. We all love you Sweeney, but you do love a classic woe is me party. How about the fact that you have truly grown to love and care about Nell, and while he may not be at Turpin’s level, Winslow is still quite a creep. Of course you aren’t perfect, but nobody is. You and Nellie both desperately need to do significant work on your communication skills and need to work on trusting both yourselves and each other. We love them both, but they are so deeply troubled and frustrating. Hahaha.

*Rubs bridge of nose.* Also, maybe get off the deflection coaster! I swear, every time something goes wrong with these two, the blame goes right to Nellie. Yes, she deceived you in a terrible way, but yet again, the power of communication! Everything that goes wrong does not have to automatically go back to her lying. If there is never going to be any trust, then your relationship is going to crash and burn. “But he should have known that actions speak louder than words.” Accurate, and both your actions and words were immensely thoughtless! To put it simply Sweeney, you have truly effed up this time. Ugh, Nellie isn’t thinking either. Nellie, agreeing to marry this creep out of a desperate need to escape your fear and despair is not the way to go. Better to just be alone and reflect on what YOU and your baby need than to go from one toxicity to another.

Another beautifully heartrending chapter. I swear, your boundless talent never ceases to utterly blow me away! I hope that all is well, and that you are safe and sound. I do hope to hear anything from you again one day. I know that I’ve sent you quite a few things, reviews, chapter updates, messages. Just let me know if you’ve grown bored with my story or if I should keep writing. I’ll happily continue to read your story, but only if you want. I don’t want to become a burden, of course. Just let me know if and when you get a chance. It would be nice to hear from you again, and I hope that you are doing all right. )
6/13/2023 c13 OpheliaMagicka13
I know that I say this quite often, but I also can’t say it enough, your descriptions are utter perfection. The way in which you spoke of the “new Sweeney” was beautiful, it made it immensely easy to imagine this intriguing Swenjamin combination, haha. Very happy to read that Sweeney is genuinely working to fix to both of their past troubles, hope that with Nellie feeling wary towards him, she can still see just how hard he is working to earn her trust back again.

There you go again, Sweeney. Bringing up the past that Nellie has absolutely no idea of you having knowledge about. When you’re trying to say something sweet, but it’s unintentionally leaving the other person confused and slightly disturbed. At this point, I CANNOT wait for Nellie’s reaction when the time comes for Sweeney to tell her about their alternate lives, if he does. I can just imagine her looking at him like he’s grown two extra arms, mad man.

Okay, Winslow, you’re going to have to shut up, now! We’re not idiots. Sweeney, though, you really have to think about this. Dead people, you’re missing a razor, Winslow’s deeply interested in them. You’re a smart enough guy, and it doesn’t take a genius to know where he’s going with this. Also, Winslow, you delusional sob, Nellie engaged to you, hahahaha! And Sweeney, we all know you’re going to explode into one of your rages over this, but you know how Nell is. Get him as far into her confidence as she can, and then, attack. Ah Nellie and Sweeney, both such excellent spiders dragging easy bugs into their webs in their own individually skilled ways, and I’m always here for it!

Also wanted to take some time to thank you for the kind words that you left over on my AO3 page. Think that my best option is to abandon it, however. Gave it some months with no real results, tried it out and failed, so moving on. I’m sure there are some kind people out there, just may not be the kind of community that I wish to be a part of. As far as you feeling any responsibility, that’s ridiculous, please don’t feel that way, I certainly don’t. You simply didn’t know that there were those people out there, but there are hidden trolls everywhere on the net, of course. You are one of the fortunate ones to have what I saw to be (based on comments on your stories) a great deal of very kind readers. I just happen to be very unlucky, oh well, it happens. Thank you for your continued support anyway. Take as much time as you need responding to my messages, reviews, continuing chapters, only if you want to that is. There is quite a lot that I’ve sent out over the last couple of months since we’ve last “spoken”. Hopefully will have another chap posted for you to read in the near future, if you wish to continue reading.

I hope that all is well, especially concerning the difficulties you’ve been working through lately. Again, deeply sorry for your loss, wish you the very best and that things are getting at least a bit easier. Looking forward to reading any responses that I might get from you.
5/10/2023 c1 Anna
This is great! SWEENETT !
4/21/2023 c12 OpheliaMagicka13
My gods and goddesses, you can write a romantic scene like no one else. Sweeney certainly has a way of expressing his emotions when his vocal chords won’t allow him to get it out verbally. I could never write anything this beautifully amazing, utterly impeccable, and I am incessantly covetous of your abilities. I don’t even know why I try anymore, haha.

And there goes Sweeney’s mind quickly skipping around to Lucy. A very good shagging is wonderful and makes for a lovely distraction, but ughhhh. Listen Toddett, nothing will truly change whatsoever until Sweeney can tell Nellie that he’s still vitriolic about her lies and both of their pertinacious personalities break down that barrier that’s keeping them both from telling each other that there’s still no actual trust on either side of their relationship. We love you both, but you both have some maturing to do instead of just using sex as a perpetual distraction or weapon.

I knew that it was a nightmare and I still wanted to give him a good punch! Nellie, dearie, you need to learn how to stay awake. This is the second time he’s actually been able to bring himself to say it and you didn’t hear him the first time either. And once again, we end with the lines of communication completely closed. These two need a really good yell session, no razors, nothing in their to throw around at each other, just get it all the hell out and finally get all of the venom out so that some actual healing can at least begin. Another perfect chapter as always and I will never be able to compare. I just don’t have the talent that you possess.
4/15/2023 c18 Asi Weiss
I found this story yesterday, and I've been reading it nonstop eversince. I'm anxious to read what happens next. XD
3/16/2023 c11 OpheliaMagicka13
Oh Sweeney, the man knows how cunning Nellie is, but he still really doesn’t give her enough credit. I an am absolutely loving Detective Lovett, if anyone can figure this out, it’s going to be Nell! Of course, with her level of enthusiasm and willingness to jump right in when ideas come to her, she’s undoubtedly going to land the pair in some hot water. Certainly not looking forward to that, but I am loving these wonderful theories her ever turning mind is whirling out.

Yeah, certainly have a good idea of why -or rather who- Nell wants to avoid Boston. I can’t wait for Sweeney to meet him too, when I get to it! By the time they get there, Sweeney is going to be just as ready to get him as he was Turpin and Bamford, and I am all in for it.
Ah yes, back to the ever important sexy times. I can’t write smut for shite, but I can certainly read it, lol. No one can say that Nellie Lovett don’t know how to get what she wants, plus, Sweeney is easy, lol. Right, Sweeney, we all know that you truly do care and that it’s not lol about the shag for you. You still have a long way to go to show that to our baker, however, and you know, actions can speak louder than words. And yes Sweeney, that does include more actions than the power of the shag, even if the power of the shag is pretty damn powerful for you two. For the man that’s worked so hard to shatter her self-confidence in bathe past, it’s going to take quite a lot more than some very well laced together words -even though they are true- to fix the mess that you’ve both created here.

I know that I’m taking forever with this story, but that’s what makes it so brilliant. I started out reading a few chapters at a time to catch up with what you’ve been coming out with. Then, I started slowing myself down and have been reading one at a time as I get closer to how far you are now, because I honestly don’t want to finish reading this amazing work! I truly mean that, this is such a darkly beautiful story so I just find myself taking an extra long time to read it. Thank you for this story, keep writing and I will keep reading as always.
2/28/2023 c10 OpheliaMagicka13
I absolutely love seeing Sweeney taking care of a veisalgia affected Nellie, and referring to her as “mummy”. I can completely believe that Nellie has been a bootlegger, it really fits her. With her sly ability to keep a secret, it makes so much sense that works be added to her colorful past experience. Had to smile at how excited Sweeney became when she revealed it to him, like a little kid. **Bad joke alert ** Just remember, Sweeney, curiosity killed the cat… along with Mooney of course. Wooooo, I knew it, I knew that arsehole planned to poison her! Wait, that’s nothing to celebrate. He’s just as disgusting as Turpin! Just in case I haven’t said it in a while, which I do with just about every chapter that I review, amazing as always! With each chapter, everything gets more suspenseful and even better! You never disappoint.

Many thanks for your amazingly kind review on my last chapter! I need to thank you for helping me with this chapter as well. It was a while ago that we discussed it, but you really helped me with the idea of Nellie keeping everything to herself because she would feel that with her past, that she wasn’t good enough for Benjamin. I knew that I wanted him to have forgotten about their childhood friendship after Lucy came around, but your idea really helped to push it forward. I kind of imagine Lucy being that way, kind of two-faced and making herself approachable and innocent to people who are easy and would do anything for her, but able to go full brat bitch on anyone who won’t buy the act. I know that Nellie seemed weak and pathetic, but know that Lucy would have been willing to say anything to Ben if Nellie had said something to upset her, anything to make Nellie out to be the bad one, and Ben being so naïve and lovesick over Lucy… Of course we all want to see a happy Nellie. And while Lucy may not know about it, you’ll see Nellie pull a move when you get to it in the next chapter that I finally got around to posting.
2/28/2023 c9 OpheliaMagicka13
Ughhh, a sober Nellie is talkative as it is, but a drunk Nellie is an utter catastrophe! If she even was drunk, I wouldn’t be surprised if Winslow decided to add something more to her’s. Yes, she’s upset but she very nearly screwed up on a grand scale. They’re both so frustrating and such a mess together. Perfection doesn’t exist and these two are certainly nowhere close, but you know that the love really is there, no matter how chaotic and entertainingly dysfunctional it is. And the struggle is right there also, Sweeney wants to show Nellie that he loves her but he’s so afraid of being seen as vulnerable and weak. Whenever things start to tip over for them, he just pushes it all completely downhill, then Nellie goes into self-defense mode because she still feels the need to fight against him to save herself.
2/11/2023 c8 OpheliaMagicka13
Sweeney calling Nell beautiful was just that. I love how realistic and honest you make these two. I've read some stories where Sweeney fails to throw her into the oven, and she just accepts it and goes on like it was nothing because they want to rush into the Toddett romance of it all. No, though, I could never convince myself that would be believable for her, or anyone for that matter. The part where she brought up her stepfather, I honestly wonder what would happen if Sweeney mentioned knowing what an abusive arse he was. I just imagine him explaining everything to Nellie and she just stares at him like he's completely lost the plot. and I give her a good nudge. Haha. Also love the Mary Sanderson reference btw. Yeah, bugger off Coone, talking to her just like Albert! Go Nell, with a good old fashioned knee to crotch contact. Hahaha. Gods and goddesses, Sweeney's explanation of why he couldn't handle the party was so much worse than I thought it would be, then again, I probably should have expected it to be. Sometimes I'm reading this and I switch off between wishing that I could give Sweeney a good smack to the back of the head, to him needing a huge hug. And Nellie's too out of it and randy to pay attention to any of it. Ugh, these two are such a wonderful bloody mess of a couple!
2/2/2023 c6 OpheliaMagicka13
Ugh, I just can't with this chapter, simply the sweetest and loveliest chapter that I've read thus far. I love how you're able to make Sweeney acting so gentle with her while still managing to keep him in character. These two are such a frustrating couple with them both being so stubborn and fearing the other's rejection so much that they can't just dig every single thing up to get the epicentre of all of their problems, but that's what makes them so utterly engaging and real as well. They're a complete mess but they still manage to work at the same time. Really though, this whole chapter took such a sweet diversion, even if Nellie still thinks that Sweeney's only acting this way out of guilt or to trick her again. I like that he's starting to realize that it's going to take some actual work to bring her completely back to his side again, but he really seems to be trying to get there. He's just such a hothead that it all gets in his way when he really tries to do something good for her, but he's really starting to work at it. Also so glad that he was finally able to say it, good for you Sweeners, that was difficult af but he finally said it!
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