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1/25/2023 c5 1OpheliaMagicka13
Thank you for all of the anxiety, lol. I swear, you’re too good! I get so bloody emotionally invested in your stories, I only wish that my story had that ability. Really, how DO you always do it? Your work deserves so much more attention, it’s truly amazing!
I swear, I don’t think that I can think of any couple (fictitious or real) that is as pertinacious as the lovably unhealthy three-ring circus that is Toddett! Nellie’s a church bell and Sweeney is so utterly impetuous, it’s so frustrating but I love the drama. Still, though, so proud that Nellie is finally learning to speak up and tell Sweeney exactly what’s wrong with their relationship (from her side at least). A mind reader Sweeney Todd most definitely is NOT, at aaaall. so I love that at least one of them is putting a step forward to lay all the cards on the table since Sweeney still seems resistant to do so. Glad that her revelation had led him to think more about his actions, though.
1/12/2023 c2 OpheliaMagicka13
Apologies for taking so long with this, but finally had some time and this was amazing, even if it's only chap 2. I was so glad that I went back and read CSiT before I came back to continue this one. It definitely makes even more sense after reading that.
Gods and goddesses, the frustration with Sweeners continues. Sometimes that man needs a good knock on the back of the head. Yes, he's still hurting and raving over everything with Lucy, but the man continuing to emotionally punish Nell because of something that he admits he would've ended up doing to Lucy anyway, gahhhh. These two need to stop keeping all of this shite locked up and just have a damn long talk about everything, lol. They're driving each other mad and making each other suffer because neither of them will just really open their mouths, and they're just using sex to "deal" with everything.
Also got around to reading Portrait and, amazing as always. Yeah Al, sucks when things change for you once you start losing all of that money, love it even more that he couldn't comprehend why they were rejecting him. Albert doesn't understand the concept of no money, no honey, hahaha. I absolutely lost it at his description of Mooney! From deflated udders to a face like a dying duck in a storm, I was hysterical and my sister had to yell to shut up because she couldn't hear the show we were watching. Whoops. Ugh, Albert's approach to greeting Nell, it's a perfect mend of sickening and pathetically humourous. The whole thing was brilliant and hysterical, from Nellie's brilliance to Albert's severe obtuseness.
Also updated my story some days ago, would love your thoughts if you ever have the time or want to read it. I know that you had some exams coming up, so I hope that those do/did go well. Hope to read anything from you soon.
11/11/2022 c1 OpheliaMagicka13
Absolutely loving this beginning. I like how you have Sweeney being the one who’s trying to put together what’s been broken, while Nellie’s the one who’s internally debating trying to get away from him. Kind of puts them in the opposite’s position a bit. Plus, Nellie fighting over what she wants vs. what would be the more safe and logical choice to make, while still struggling with guilt over abandoning Toby. Very emotionally investing.
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