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4/27/2023 c28 Reinbeau
Thank You. Great story!
4/27/2023 c11 farkaskriszta
You are a devious woman! When I’m reading older Edward’s parts I’m rooting for him, wishing Bella could forgive him and get past their previous history. But when I get to the flashback parts to young assholish Edward I hope she doesn’t even consider it. So, what can I say… I’m hooked and can’t wait to read on tonight. ️
4/26/2023 c28 tas62
Oh, while I loved this chapter and what Edward did was the perfect FU that provided just the right amount of charitable help his own family should have shown - it was obviously still heartbreaking for him. So happy he has Bella and his real family to help him through.

I think a glimpse into later life might be very good. A possible meet up being The Chief, who will soon be an Edward super fan, and an arrogant grouchy asshole who should have never been blessed to be a father, would be a super interesting outtake.

Love this story so much! Will miss them. Thanks for sharing.
4/26/2023 c14 Jenycullen
Wow. So much emotion from both of them, I cried right along with Bella as I read this.
4/26/2023 c28 butterflies93
I absolutely loved this story! Thank you so much for sharing!
4/26/2023 c28 midnitereader
They've come so far. From pained classmates who hated and hurt each other, to lovers who couldn't live without each other. I really enjoyed their journey.
4/26/2023 c28 1Alice's White Rabbit
That was a wonderful ending for this story. I'm glad Edward put all his ghosts to rest. And, I loved the tribute to his brother-that was perfect.

4/26/2023 c28 Midnight Cougar
Such a beautiful ending and fabulous character development. Loved it!

And yes! They deserve so much in their future. XO
4/25/2023 c28 fuz
Wonderful story!
Thank you.
4/25/2023 c28 roxiegirl
*swoon*! What a perfect ending! Edward has new parents. Perfect. Loved everything about this story. The early angst, then the love that could feel in my heart. Thank you for writing this story!
4/25/2023 c28 DICATAKADD
Oh my gosh I’m going to miss them so much. What a great HEA for everyone including the readers
4/25/2023 c28 Guest
Gah… I love this story. Your character development was beautiful. You didn’t add unneeded drama and focused on your storyline. I REALlY loved how Bella and Edward really were soulmates/strong partners in your story. Many people write and claim that connection—you made it happen with you characters. Loveeeddddd it. All of it.
4/25/2023 c28 pipelynn
Oh I was not expecting an ending yet! I loved it and them so much. Thanks for writing! A future take would be so great. He needs to meet Charlie and he needs a little girl maybe?!
4/25/2023 c28 JaysWorld2
This was the perfect ending. Thank you for sharing
4/25/2023 c28 Luvntwilight
Loved it! Looking forward to the next one!
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