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for Stupid Little Game

5/31/2023 c1 adricastro
Wait! I was reading their 1st kiss! What happened? I was loooooving it!
5/31/2023 c2 1Lilly Black Masen
Actually, i was reading chapter 19 i found This History YESTERDAY!
I just WAS READINGGG MY NEW FF whatttttt i cannot believe i have to forget in the best part
5/31/2023 c1 1CrustyVamp
I was right in the middle. didn't even get to the part. dang it
5/31/2023 c1 Nance10
So happy for you, Published Author!
What great writing & great story!
Love it so much.
5/31/2023 c1 imciara97
I don’t understand
5/30/2023 c11 1DrivingEdward
Oh Tanya.! Always the trouble maker. LOL
5/30/2023 c10 DrivingEdward
Awww,,,, she does have to forgive. Bless… I know that is hard. And WOW! Confiding in Alice, Good for her. Another great chapter Namaste.
5/27/2023 c29 Adriu
Me ha gustado mucho está historia, me saco muchas lágrimas también.
Pero la enseñanza sobre el perdón y la superación sin increíbles.
Gracias por la historia.
Saludos de mi lindo Ecuador.
5/25/2023 c6 twicrazreader
I don’t know how I have never read this until now.
Thanks to the Facebook page that recommended it.
Can’t wait to see when Edward finally grew up and new he was wrong for bullying Bella.
They both need couple’s therapy if they are to be together. I am for it.
5/24/2023 c17 ruthiegurly
I hold grudges like you wouldn’t believe. Unhealthy I know. So Bella being chummy with Edward just like that cause that’s how it feels to me. Is weird I don’t like how easy it was. I get he was hurt and he saw his brother kill himself but he was still so nasty to Bella. I don’t know the relationship feels rushed and like it won’t last
5/22/2023 c29 BCullen
Me encantó esta historia. Me dolió el corazón de leer todo lo que sufrió Bella y por otro lado, que terrible la infancia de Edward.
Una historia muy completa y buena trama.
5/22/2023 c8 DrivingEdward
Absolutely she is withholding forgiveness to punish Edward. Subconsciously or not. This is all so uncomfortable seeing him being rude back in the day and then knowing she has to see him every day with this new persona. I can see why this messes with her head. Bless
5/21/2023 c29 Knit Bit
This story was amazing. Some spots harder to read than others, but my goodness- such a wonderful, well written story. Amazing.

Thank you, for sharing your words.
5/20/2023 c29 1jlap.mypersonalfiles
So sad it’s over
But loved it
5/19/2023 c29 Guest
Great story.
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