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5/18/2023 c5 1DrivingEdward
Well, I like this new version of Edward Cullen, too. Hearing how he used to be is very unsettling. I know there are has to be.. but it is very painful to read. I love the effort he is trying to put in .
5/18/2023 c29 2NKubie
Ugh! I hate reviewing the last chapter of a story that I'm obssessed with! It's admitting that it's actually over. Blech!

What better person to help Tony (of course) deal with a bully than his father? Edward already understands that pain behind the bullying and is giving his son the tools to deal with it. Great solution! And additional thanks for giving us what happens later. If you want to put all of that in a sequel, I'm cool with that too! ;) 3

This has been such an amazing journey and I feel so honored to be able to see your incredible talent in action. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story! And many thanks to Team Pb23K and their contributions as well!

Stay safe and well!

P.S. I'm already rereading my favorite parts. ;)
5/18/2023 c29 trisha63
Thank you for this wonderful, little, future peek into our beloved couples lives, told through their cute son Tony. Can I say how much I simply love Grandpa Charlie! I firmly believe Tony is going to blow past Craig, thus kicking his butt to the finish line and Ant-Man will be no more! ;) You description of everyone's future is delightful, as well.
I will miss this lovely story but am so happy that you are going to publish it on Vella! Congratulations! Can't wait to read the new fanfic Masked. Take care, Trisha :}
5/16/2023 c4 1DrivingEdward
Oh my Lanta, this was hard to watch everything going down. Egaddddssss. You sing it Bella. Make him feel it. Though, it is seeming like he has a good bit of remorse, like he said in the beginning. give him a chance, Bella.
5/16/2023 c3 DrivingEdward
Oh my! So many emotions coursing through her. I sense a pattern. Because this is going to be a ride. The emotions that come out between the two of them and what he brings out of her, and has her relive, are going to hurt. WELL DONE YOU
5/16/2023 c29 Vamps09
Love it! Thanks for writing
5/15/2023 c29 midnitereader
Good plan. Try to make friends with the bully, or show him you're good at other things he's not good at.
5/15/2023 c29 cocoa blizzard
This story is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing us
5/14/2023 c29 3ma28cullen
Im devastated you’re taking this away but I understand. ThNk you for your greatness!
5/14/2023 c29 1EdwardsFirstKiss
Great story! Can't wait to read the new one!
5/14/2023 c28 EdwardsFirstKiss
I hope he uses some of the money to buy a house and then the rest for charities. The way it usually works is that the principal is never touched and the interest is given away. That way the endowment builds and lasts for a very long time.
5/14/2023 c28 tunsia
Just read this in one go….truly beautiful. Forgiveness is the ultimate form of love , towards yourself as well as others. Thank you for such lovely meditation on that idea.
5/13/2023 c2 1DrivingEdward
OMG, He spit on her? That is my heartbreaking take away from this chapter. And great for her to have Charlie to bounce things off with. But omg..I can’t get his awful childhood bully behavior out of my mind. He is awful .
5/13/2023 c1 DrivingEdward
Well off I go… and oh my dayum, Talk about awkward and uncomfortable. UGH. I really feel for her.
5/13/2023 c29 twiclare
Aww, I hate the thought of little Tony being bullied. That was a great glimpse into their lives!
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