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for Stupid Little Game

5/13/2023 c28 twiclare
Goodness me, they’ve come a long way!
5/13/2023 c29 lwig
Loved it!
5/13/2023 c21 1Escapee2FF
wow! the way you write the emotions is incredibly talented. its deep but doesnt drag on too much too. so good
5/13/2023 c29 LaPumuckl
This was coming full circle but I'm glad it's about time that gets broken;)

Best of luck with publishing this oneit should be read by anyone who's past wasn't as nice to see things still can change 10 years later!

5/13/2023 c29 2Sunflower Fran
You captured it all so perfectly...bittersweet and beautiful.
Thanks for another great story.
5/13/2023 c29 Shazzeer
Anthony will for sure kick ass! And he will have a little sister.
I support Bella in getting. Her tubes tied, no babies for me, no ty.

Edward will help Anthony’s overcome being bullied, maybe Craig and Anthony will be friend now?
5/12/2023 c29 1Swanderful
fantastic! loved this story! thank you so much for sharing
5/12/2023 c29 1JayNahNah
Love it. Thank you for the future take
5/11/2023 c29 lillianolivia.white
This future take was sooooo good. I wonder what Tony would think if he knew he was going through some of the same of what his mom did. Edward did a great job teaching him to stand up to the bully. Love Grandpa Charlie. I’ve loved the story. Thank you for this.
5/11/2023 c29 pipelynn
Great finish! Thanks for writing!
5/11/2023 c29 princeselisa
5/11/2023 c29 SassYNoleS

Loved the insight into their lives 10 years later.

And how heartbreaking that Tony is being bullied ..

Charlie was amazing with him, and I loved the story about what he did when he was picked on at school and laughed at poor Bella as a child falling in the lake .. I hate the worms on hooks too ;) LOL

Edward, was amazing in also helping Tony! And that would have been such a bitter pill for him to have to swallow ..

Thanks for more on these two and their family .. I look forward to when you publish it and of course I'll be purchasing too! XX
5/11/2023 c29 DICATAKADD
Love this very last chapter. Thank you so much for this sweet look into the future.
5/11/2023 c29 Rosemarie28
5/11/2023 c29 PBJilly
I'm so glad you are going to continue to write! Reading this made me miss my son when he was young. I'm glad you are publishing, but I have no idea what Kindle Vella is! Good luck with that!
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