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5/11/2023 c29 Midnight Cougar
I love knowing they have a beautiful family and seeing it from Tony’s eyes. He’s a strong boy like his momma.

Good luck with Vella! XO
5/11/2023 c29 GetOffMyChick
Such a sweet little future take, loved this story so much and will definitely be downloading the PDF for future re-reads!
5/11/2023 c29 mysticfighter111
His parents know, because they've been there. Adressing his problem, offering a possible solution, rehearsing, making sure he kniws they've got his back, makes all the distance.
5/11/2023 c29 14Anton M
Thank you for giving us more! It was the best gift to take the metro home and eat up your little future take! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Proud of you for pulling to publish, too! Hope you have great success in the Kindle Vella world and share the experience (the ups and downs but hopefully mostly ups!) with us on your FB group!

Thank you so much for sharing this for free. It was such a joy to be a part of their world 333
5/11/2023 c29 debslmac
5/11/2023 c1 ExBficLover
Congratulations on your publication!
5/11/2023 c29 imciara97
Thank u for this sneak pic! They are lovely family
5/11/2023 c29 NeeNee246
I absolutely love this! ;)
5/11/2023 c29 Moltz
Cute future take with the continued lesson of speaking up for yourself because you never really know what is happening in the life of those around you.
Congratulations on publishingredients this story.
5/11/2023 c29 princeselisa
5/11/2023 c29 13archy12
Ah, that was heart wrenching. I'm glad Edward talked to Tony and they came up with a plan.
And that all's well (or going to be) in their little world.
Thank you for writing this story, and good luck with the publishing.
5/11/2023 c29 Luvntwilight
Thanks for the lovely addition to an awesome story. Best wishes on your publishing.
5/11/2023 c29 1Pyejammies
I'm sorry to see this end. I do hope Tony puts Craig in his place. I was bullied a bit at school but had a set to with one of the girls and showed her I wouldn't back down so although I didn't have many friends I survived and became a teacher. It's difficult for young children to see the other child's point of view so they need a helping hand with that. Let's hope that if Tony has to resort to telling the teacher they are supportive. I bet the new baby grows up to kick ass and I hope that Tony makes it to a reasonable height. Being short is a bit of a downer whatever sex you are. Thank you for writing this. It's been a delight to read.
5/11/2023 c29 Lore562
Aww this is so cute
5/11/2023 c29 VryUnique
Awesome story! Thanks so much for sharing.
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