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for Their Future, Their Past

8/21/2022 c11 JeaneneP
Step onedone. Now the long wait for the results! Not really long, but with something like this every minute feels like hours! Awesome! Can’t wait for the next chapter.
8/16/2022 c7 Guest
it was hard to keep reading as soon as I realized where your story was headed. I read the first chapter just as I discovered a breast lump too. I echoed while writing other chapters (which I didn't read). It seems to be nothing but we are waiting for mammogram and then visit. I read all the chapters this morning and I must say that they are extremely well written. Thanks and go ahead!
8/11/2022 c5 JeaneneP
Oh wow, poor Emma and Clay. This hits home to so many of us, and you brought the emotions out very well in your writing! Awesome job! Can’t wait to read further! Thanks for sharing!

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