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4/15 c25 Halo
Retaking the Citadel had been a brutal affair.

Din Von proposed the formal dissolution of the Citadel Council.

Keeper Drones?
4/15 c24 Halo
Saren hates the Union.

The Relay network has shut down.

What is a jump gate?

I like exotic plasma weapons.

Sovereign is dead.
4/14 c23 Pomni
4/14 c81 3RonaldM40196867
Liara is fine.

Mass produced people, huh.

What do you think we can learn from Mass Effect?
4/14 c81 4Monster King
Your doing amazing work
4/11 c80 2Gianfranco Cembran
Raaper, Collectors and Alien force of Shepard, This chapter is interesting.
4/7 c5 1Mr. Medic

hairs, fart and dung!
4/7 c3 4Coment9
Bookmark number one
4/7 c80 4Monster King
Awesome work please continue the story
4/7 c80 3RonaldM40196867
A great rift is here.

Now that’s 80 chapters, congratulations!

Sniper rifles are handy.

Which Mass Effect character do you wish they made playable?
4/3 c2 MiniHerc
All the backwards words are really annoying.
3/31 c79 Guest
Hohohoho! See? U guys (the Citadel) can be wild too!
3/31 c79 Guest
Did Saren just go out in a blaze of glory?
3/31 c79 4Monster King
Awesome work I hope you continue the story
3/31 c79 3RonaldM40196867
I used to do poetry in high school.

Some people are just natural performers.

The Citadel ends.

Happy end of March!

What’s your idea for the ideal weapon and would you include it in Mass Effect?
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