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3/31 c79 4Monster King
Awesome work I hope you continue the story
3/31 c79 3RonaldM40196867
I used to do poetry in high school.

Some people are just natural performers.

The Citadel ends.

Happy end of March!

What’s your idea for the ideal weapon and would you include it in Mass Effect?
3/30 c1 Rick and Morty
The Dragoon Project reminds me of the Spartans from Halo.
3/30 c23 Halo
What is the Union going to do with Liara's mother?
3/26 c4 1valkrus
keep an eye on how you write Zorah you keep throwing an extra r in there. Also some odd word choices or structure. For example, the Lich said "I don't know I'm not a politician" I'm gonna assume you meant "I know I'm not a politician" instead or something along those lines
3/26 c3 valkrus
for some reason when Wrex and the admiral says No you wrote On
3/26 c1 valkrus
you spelling Shepard with 2 p and why is Sparatus called general instead of councilor?
3/24 c78 3RonaldM40196867
You should be a poet.

Such a dramatic priest.

Which Mass Effect character did you find the most dramatic?
3/24 c78 4Monster King
You are doing amazing work please continue the story I'm enjoying it a lot
3/17 c77 3RonaldM40196867
Space is not something to take lightly.

What would you say is the most dangerous thing about space (I’m talking things like back holes and exploding stars)?
3/17 c77 4Monster King
Amazing story please continue it I am truly enjoying the story
3/16 c1 Maginator1
I tried to read because its an interesting premise but its far too chaotic for me to enjoy reading. Best of luck moving forward.
3/10 c22 Halo
A Penrose generator?

Who is Opold?
3/10 c21 Halo
The Entire Citadel had been examined.

The Keepers are?

A Rachni egg?

Why would Binary Helix try to build a computer?
3/10 c20 Guest
The fungus has a name?
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