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3/10 c20 Halo
A conspiracy to drive a sapient species into extinction?

What is on Noveria that is so important?

Mordin wants to fix past mistakes.
3/10 c19 Halo
The Mass Relay Decommissioning project?

Who is stronger between Shepard and the Banshee?
3/10 c76 4Monster King
Your doing amazing work
3/10 c76 3RonaldM40196867
I only asked because I was wondering if you left out anything you hated about the games.

To the Bahak System.

If you could visit one planet in our solar system, which would it be?

Do you think Mass Effect had to much or too little diversity (yes this applies to humans and aliens)?
3/8 c18 Halo
A universal Exosymbiote?

Where did the Thorian get an Asari from?
3/4 c75 Guest
Inverse Ruinous Powers

Protect the weak and Defend the innocent



Resurrection and Reincarnation
3/3 c75 Guest
3/3 c17 Halo
So the L-Project was starting to see fruit finally.

The Protheans and the Cybrex were enemies.


I hate allergic reactions.
3/3 c16 Halo
Is Tebrid's music bad?

The Genophage is bacterial.

Liara has 1054 new messages.
3/3 c15 Halo
Sparatus likes meritocracy.

These Geth are working with Desolas.

Indoctrination technology has not been implanted throughout the Citadel.
3/3 c14 Halo
Mercenaries of Omega?
3/3 c75 4Monster King
Good job please continue the story
3/3 c75 3RonaldM40196867
Rift Specimen contained.

Which of the first 3 games did you like the least?
3/2 c13 Halo
Geothermal power plant?

The Turian Hegemony is not stupid after all.

The Tribulation of Omega?
3/2 c11 Halo
A Matter Decompressor?

I feel sorry for the indoctrinated.

That Reaper is strong.
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