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for The Magic of New Year's Eve

9/21/2022 c4 Guest
Ame Bones desde el primer momento ,aun cuando se veia la ironia existente en ellos supe que el amor estaba ahi latente ,Booth supo comprender el secreto que se encerraba en el corazon de la mujer que temia amar por miedo a ser abandonada y poco a poco fue ganandose su corazon apasionado ,sigo pensando que Bones es la mas bella historia de amor
8/22/2022 c4 Vmf447
This was beautiful and magical! What a great New Year's Eve! Thank you so much for such a tender, sexy night for them!
8/20/2022 c4 dms517
I loved these chapters. Well done ,as usual, and thank you for continuing these very special B&B stories.
8/20/2022 c4 111GalaxieGurl
This was just wonderful. Laura is too and she had the gentle reassurance that your story was excellent, perhaps correcting a bit of grammar here and there, but the ideas and emotions written here are all your ideas, in any language; woven into a love-filled tale of devotion and friendship finally taking that last step that they've both waited for so long...He well aware of it, she finally realizing what she's wanted all along. Beautifully expressed.
8/20/2022 c4 50-861-8274
This story is beautiful
8/20/2022 c4 Bones2014
Talk about magical…and beautiful…and perfect, just like my fav couple. Brilliantly written. You captured them spot on again.
8/20/2022 c4 Guest
Thank you so much for keeping their stories alive!
8/20/2022 c4 83LoveShipper
Good way to start a new year
8/18/2022 c3 111GalaxieGurl
Your chapter made me very happy, so I'm happy to oblige your desire for reviews. In any language, you really know how to write tender love scenes, and have Booth nudge Brennan ever so gently toward admitting how perfect for one another they are. Julia and Sam Cullen are wonderful friends of them both, whether or not they'd officially admit that to keep the boss/agent status in place, but each of them said exactly what Booth and Brennan needed to hear from people they trust to convey the truth. This was just wonderful, so I expect the next chapter to be even better. Thanks for your efforts on behalf of readers this summer.
8/17/2022 c3 6BecksSmoak
Finally got around to writing this review! Lovely story. And of COURSE the no kissing rule didn’t work that’s like saying don’t think about a pink elephant. Are there more chapters to come?
8/17/2022 c3 83LoveShipper
Yup more fireworks because it's "tradition" for New Years Day :D
8/16/2022 c3 50-861-8274
I love , love this!
8/13/2022 c2 3Boney Ridge
Enjoyed this so much. Can't wait for the next chapter!
8/11/2022 c2 111GalaxieGurl
Thank goodness your version of Brennan finally decided that Booth misinterpreted the FBI's policy after Sam Cullen explaned those details to her, rather than assuming that Booth wasn't interested in her!
8/11/2022 c2 83LoveShipper
And I will do whatever it takes to keep Bones close and be infringe on her rights as an independent women
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