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for Birthday: After Story

9/23/2022 c2 4bluefish1945
very gooss
9/12/2022 c1 7Stimpson J Katt
Very, very nice. This was an excellent way to handed what could have been a very awkward situation.
8/24/2022 c2 mahouka9
That was good chapter wanted to ask if you can do a tatsuya x miyuki x ayako story? next to miyuki and maya she is my 3 favorite carackter i'm looking forward to read more
8/12/2022 c1 BIackdead
Well written. I believe Tatsuya always loved Miyuki as a woman but never really understood his true feelings due to the removal of his strong emotions. Therefore he couldn't compare them and had to believe it's sibling love.
8/10/2022 c1 mahouka9
That was a good chapter I'm glad that more mahouka stories are coming. Dear tasuya miyuki... would you maybe do tasuya x miyuki x ayako she's my 3 favorite next to miyuki and maya I'm looking forward to seeing more.
8/9/2022 c1 9pyramidekheops
Merci beaucoup !

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