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for Bloodletting

1/26 c5 PandaSDCA
Loved the chapter. I can only imagine Jiraiya doing his dance at his entry
12/1/2022 c4 Krieger Techpreist
Huh...I uh...was not expecting a, thankfully, locked up Yandre Sakura...So no character development? Alright. So whos Saskue gonna land with, cause my Narutos good, now just need to deal with not-so-dicky-Uchiha-Duckbutt
11/2/2022 c4 PandaSDCA
Another great chapter down, can't wait to see more
11/2/2022 c1 lord stark bankai
blood for the blood God
8/25/2022 c3 PandaSDCA
A other great chapter keep em coming bro
8/17/2022 c2 PandaSDCA
Loved the chapter keep at it homie
8/17/2022 c2 3ANUBIS the god king
another great ch I loved how you have the conversation play out and using blood to make a longsword great
8/15/2022 c1 ANUBIS the god king
nice being ch man keep up the good work if you need help with anything I'd be glad to help
8/11/2022 c1 PandaSDCA
Loving it soo far bro, keep it up

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