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4h c20 max2013
Thank you for the letting Colby take the first step toward healing/ Looking forward to Sunday.
20h c20 SiouxAnne3
Gah! The *FEELS*! Give me a minute to gather all the pieces of my broken heart here... :'( This was *intense*, seriously intense & did I mention heartbreaking? Now that they know where Colby's coming from, that's gotta mean there's gonna be healing for our Colby now right? I like the team as family & i really want Colby's suffering to end. I hope the team feels guilty for what they did to him & i also hope they can restore Colby's faith in them. Now I need to go find the rest of my shattered heart... o.0
22h c20 Penny Blossom73
This chap was brutal and heartrending but offered some small hope with that simple okay at the end. It made me cry, literally *cry*, seeing Colby like this, sharing his thought processes w/the team. There are just so many incredible lines that showed how much everyone cared about what had happened to Colby, about what was going on now, like the paragraph beginning with Don's throat closed so air was barely making it through and the one ending with oh, God, he was a breath away from falling on his knees and ending with he had to have given up all hope, given up everything; given up and the one ending with and it seemed impossible that the hope of the SUV had shattered into this nightmare and when Colby's finally *looking* at DAvid, seeing him now and not the memory from June and the one ending w/his heart did a little somersault that did unpleasant things to his stomach. Then there's the pain of them individually, like how worn Colby was and Don wondering how he'd missed colby becoming another kid brother and the section around him becoming the FBI's little brother in general and David calling his brother his hero and Don fighting the urge to shove Megan away from Colby when he stiffened in her arms and Colby's horrible you don't miss what you don't want and Don's resolve to save him this time, for good, even if it was from himself and so how did they convince him that he meant something (everything) to them? And then there's dAvid speaking calmly and patiently and his achingly gentle voice and how that tied in to an earlier part of the story. another instance where this chap built on earlier ones was the wasn't so terribly dissimilar to how they'd reacted to him paragraph, really putting Colby coming back into perspective for them. The other area that I really loved was one that anchored it firmly in canon while addressing issues I had with canon about no one taking a deeper look in why a man trained in counter interrogation techniques confessed so damn quickly; I think the show blew that, so thx for fixing it here! I think my fav line, the one that sums up most of this chap, except the *very* end is there was a forlorn despair to the questions that made Don think swallowing razor blades would be less painful.

This was an incredibly painful chap where issues were put out in the open and ending with hope that now things ... or more accurately Colby and the team dynamics and where he fits in there ... can finally start healing.

Oh, well done, well done indeed!
12/1 c19 Tree66
What a beautiful and heartwrenching chapter. I loved the emotion you portrayed and David reciting that poem was just so perfect. Its so sad that it all had to come to this... if only they could've see what was happening sooner... now to get our boy healed ... which I suspect wont be easy at all. Lovely chapter and I'm still eagerly awaiting each installment.
12/1 c20 38Dinogal95
Hope things get better for everyone.
11/29 c19 Guest
Great chapter! That “Why?” question is so loaded and foreshadows so many layers to pick apart. Will need a few more chapters for sure.
11/27 c19 Anaid
Poor David! Poor Colby! I like how you described Colby: - Colby was like a bird in his arms: thin and trembling and breakable -
11/27 c19 SiouxAnne3
David's isn't the only heart breaking here. O, *my* poor heart! The FEELS! 0.o the HUG &Colby pushing away & then David thinking they still needed to save him, tho they'd rescued him & the POEM & the sobbing & the dead eyes & not letting go & *wailing* Beautifully written. Can't wait for Thursday!
11/27 c19 Penny Blossom73
I understand why this chap is 1 of your favs: it's 1 of the best chaps I've ever read, hands down. My heart broke - in fact, it still hurts, after finishing this - in so many areas, like Colby's dead eyes, David's pang realizing that while they'd rescued Colby they hadn't actually saved him, the brotherly feels, the hug, that wonderful poem again, holding on for dear life, to a dear life, how deeply Colby had withdrawn. Ending it like that, in that spot, makes me cringe: what did he say, what did he mean by that why that broke David's heart? Characterization was wonderful, and David's pov visceral. I loved the details he noted, like Colby's sunken eyes and the white tee halfway down his hands, and also his thoughts, like, aside from above, shockingly okay with killing those responsible for doing this to his brother if he'd lost Colby permanently, the radio program, refusing to let go of Colby, only rearranging his hold. I *love* Colby and David-as-brothers stories, and this 1 has it in spades. David unafraid to show his emos, to cry is what I remember from N3, making this portrayal canonical.

Just an all-around awwesome chap, for all it broke my heart. Well done!

FYI: I forgot to mention - again! - how much I loved that Helen Keller quote to begin the last chap. It's hopeful, too, and I can see how it applies to Colby - again - which was the point, of course, of you choosing it. Also, thx for the heads-up and gift of another Thursday update!
11/27 c19 max2013
You're breaking my heart too-the answer to that question hopefully starts the healing.
11/27 c19 Dinogal95
Really good.
11/26 c18 7late2bbparty
Another excellent chapter. Loved that angry David was stopped by just the idea that Colby needed him, and Meghan was just focused on making sure her "little brother" was okay. Looking forward to seeing how Colby reconciles reality with his mental compartmentalization. Thanks for giving us the early update!
11/25 c18 SiouxAnne3
Beautiful quote to start & hopeful & I'm guessing referring to Colby here. Which is good, bc our Colby seems to still be trapped in his head. Yay for BAMF!David. Who knew? I loved that 'bout as much as BAMF!Colby. Characterization spot on but darn it all - I'm *STILL* on tenterhooks here! Can't wait for Sunday & thx for the Thursday update. Happy Turkey day to you too! _
11/25 c18 Penny Blossom73

What a great chap! I loved the best that you followed through on David. What I mean is you've flat out stated in previous chaps how Colby's disappearance was affecting him and how he was reacting - fuming and foul temper, homicidal, going nuclear, and even here with hurricane DAvid - and his thoughts that have shown how upset he's been and how close to snapping he is, and then you followed through: David going after Olsen in a decidedly un-professional way but given the context of the story, it fits beautifully. I love that b/c I've read too many stories - in N3 and M7 esp - where the writer sets it up or hints at it, but then doesn't follow through on it at all, so thx so much for doing that! I loved how nicely the dialogue flowed and the little details - like the puke/lime green stools, taupe walls, name tag pinned to his breast pocket - that anchored me to the story. I esp loved Don's POV, the things he's thinking and noticing - like if this had been Charlie, about the wolf (awesome story, btb), his concern for David beyond professionally, how he's straining to hear anything from the piece of wide prison corridor where Megan is with Colby. I'm as unnerved as Don is, too, btb, that Colby hasn't made a sound, so I can only assume he's still lost in his head. And if he's still lost in his head, does that mean he doesn't know what just happened? That he doesn't know the team is here *for* him and not *against* him? I really can't wait until next update!

FYI: Happy late Thanksgiving to you too! One of the things I'm thankful for this crazy year is that you posted an extra chap this week, so thx, thx, thx! :)
11/24 c18 max2013
HAPPY THANKSGIVING-this is the best and I would have been OK with David doing more damage to Olsen but I get Don was trying to protect David too. Now for Colby's recovery.
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