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8/29 c1 Harleking31

I love mismashing stuff
It's why I love multiverse fics

Now, for this one... Videogames hmm? It can be worked with

It'd be cool to give him the Monado(Small precognition that's basically Spider sense but showing what would happen, ability to not do permanent damage to humans unless an unchosen one tries to wield it, and several ways of debuffing a target or buff the wielder, plus a wicked design)

If this is inspired by the movie I hope there's an "I choose the form of a Gundam" moment

Will he get special usable items? Like one time only use potion that lets him turn into a werewolf for a limited time for example
8/14 c1 God of crossovers
A couple ideas
1: izuku is the doom slayer, shows up to either the USJ attack and defeats nomu, or to the fight against all for one in kamino, and absolutely destroys him
2: izuku with the powers of James heller from prototype 2 and due to blacklight always having a black and red color scheme is mistaken by a paranoid allmight to be all for one’s son or successor
3: izuku builds a set of mjolnir armor from halo, shows up to to entrance exam late and is mistaken by the other participants to be a secret bonus villain, then end up absolutely wrecking them in self defense
4: izuku’s quirk lets him summon and command reapers from mass effect that can range in size from a cat or dog to the size of gigantomachia
8/13 c1 Matt
Not gonna lie, this one was kind of a mess, not sure if ill read this one, the start was good but when the time froze and Izu scrambled, swiped the screen and turned himself into a tiny fairy-elf-dragonborn? Maybe giving him something like Gamer’s Mind to let him calm down when time is litteraly frozen and he got a minute to think?
After that i started skipping, but another genderbend? With Katsuki/Katsumi? I havent seen many that Did that right but oh well
Stay safe op
8/13 c1 2ProjectIceman
Oh wow, did those knobs and check boxes not come with descriptions? LOL That could've changed Izuku far more drastically

So he's part elf, part fairy, and part Dragonborn? LOL
8/13 c1 4Axolotl fuck
oops izuku you should've watch what you picked

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