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for Oath Fulfilled and A New Tale Begins

4/26 c6 I9029
Waiting for Ch 7.
Waku Waku~
4/24 c6 2Multi-story19
I need more of this story it’s amazing so far but the lack of updates is really annoying
4/14 c6 1shiota nagisa moonlight
please update soon
4/5 c1 Kamizuma24
Author already abandon fanfiction
3/17 c2 kharlsonn123
Ohh i wish it won't be harem and just one partner and honestly don't even bother in romance and just focus on the plot
2/29 c1 Robert lakaka
update please!
1/23 c6 1ArgoraKnight
I'm hoping that you will return...
1/23 c1 Kamizuma24
Dead Author
11/21/2023 c1 moose master5543
man i hope this makes a comeback this is legit the best fate/danmachi story ive ever read
11/18/2023 c6 A FakeHero
This is incredible.
Update author please.
11/4/2023 c6 Private Lancelot
I will wait for the next update of this story
10/2/2023 c6 Flix
7/22/2023 c1 Hulumulu
We pray to the great necromancer to resurrect the author!
6/25/2023 c6 Elesis21
When the author updated this amazing fanfiction?
6/21/2023 c6 Bucio
Despite how it begins, a bittersweet ending, as Miyu is saved, at the cost of her brother's sacrifice, it is not Shirou's end

He is given a second chance in the world of DanMachi, albeit in the distant past, with Shirou meeting and saving a young Aiz who is delighted to have her own hero (to her father horror).

You've mentioned a few things later, and something that I admit irritates me a bit, is Aiz and Shirou getting separated, with her being held in suspended animation and found in the future by Loki.

If that was going to happen anyway, then what role does Shirou play in all of this? Would his presence really change something? Well, otherwise, why his presence? if Aiz's family was going to pass away anyway, with her being the only survivor

Or major, serious speculation with them succeeding, at the cost of a worn-out Shirou, who is sealed aside, both for him to recover, and for, at Aria's and (very reluctantly) Albert request as well, for Shirou to see for Aiz and that she is not alone, asking him for that favor, in a letter that is left in the place where he is sealed (in addition to memories and another letter for Aiz)

What I would like to know is if they will meet again, and if the admiration and attachment that Chibi Aiz had for her Hero will blossom into something else (at least I would like to see that, so that both have their happy ending, as wished by Miyu - for him - and Aria and Albert - for their daughter -)

So if not Bell with Hestia, would it be Shirou? (when found by her Family) or very clichély, because of UBW and blacksmithing, with the Family of Hephaestus

Good luck and keep it up
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