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for Oath Fulfilled and A New Tale Begins

7/10 c1 PanzerkampfwagenVI
yep you cookednnn
7/10 c6 PanzerkampfwagenVI
You cooked!
4/26 c6 I9029
Waiting for Ch 7.
Waku Waku~
4/24 c6 2Multi-story19
I need more of this story it’s amazing so far but the lack of updates is really annoying
4/14 c6 2shiota nagisa moonlight
please update soon
4/5 c1 Kamizuma24
Author already abandon fanfiction
3/17 c2 kharlsonn123
Ohh i wish it won't be harem and just one partner and honestly don't even bother in romance and just focus on the plot
2/29 c1 Robert lakaka
update please!
1/23 c6 1ArgoraKnight
I'm hoping that you will return...
1/23 c1 Kamizuma24
Dead Author
11/21/2023 c1 moose master5543
man i hope this makes a comeback this is legit the best fate/danmachi story ive ever read
11/18/2023 c6 A FakeHero
This is incredible.
Update author please.
11/4/2023 c6 Private Lancelot
I will wait for the next update of this story
10/2/2023 c6 Flix
7/22/2023 c1 Hulumulu
We pray to the great necromancer to resurrect the author!
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