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for Oath Fulfilled and A New Tale Begins

9/6/2022 c5 ducciomarianj
9/6/2022 c5 The-Killer40513
While I do like their reaction to his UBW, the second one seems a bit more realistic to me. He's in a younger body with no class card to help with mana. In my opinion Shirou also has no reason to go all out. While he can tell that these are good people, he had only met them not to long ago, so there really shouldn't be this amount of trust that they just won't start telling others about his use of UBW in a spar. This is "Oath Under Snow" Shirou he was properly trained unlike his other versions, so he should know that to a magus keeping secrets is a must.
9/6/2022 c5 FabledLife
For "KiteRider" below, it is NOT Gaia that degrades Magecraft, Mystery, and the supernatural. The Human Order dictates the boundary of Mystery with the Human Order being operated by human rules i.e. Science/Technology. The more Science/Technology progresses, the more the Human Order assimilates/elucidates Mystery. It is NOT the Planet nor Gaia that weakens Mystery or rejects Magecraft nor strengthens it. In the context of referring to the 'World' when pertaining to affecting Mystery and Magecraft, it refers to the Human Order and its intolerance of Mystery. So it is actually the Human Order that crushes projected Reality Marbles and erases Projection. This was discovered during Fate/Grand Order.

Note: Mystery is the source of all supernatural including Magecraft.

Why is it not Gaia? Think about it, Science/Technology weakens Mystery and it is a part of humanity as well as their rules. Humanity has already separated themselves from Gaia so it wouldn't make sense why Gaia has anything to do with Mystery and Science/Technology.

Even without the Human Order crushing Reality Marbles, it would still be quite expensive to manifest and maintain Shirou's UBW with his average Magic Circuits having a total capacity of of 20 or 30 units of Magical Energy.
9/6/2022 c5 Zaku Feckleng
why not make 2 version of the story its very interesting to see this two route story.
9/6/2022 c5 Brrigan
I prefer first one. The bond with his sister even if she is long gone should't disapire becouse they can't see each other
9/6/2022 c5 Dragon God xxx
Meh, I prefer the first its more interesting.
9/6/2022 c5 1KiteRider
keep the UBW deployment working, since Danmachi's world isn't dying per se, like the world in Oath Under Snow, it stands to reason things like the Gaia Degradation Effect on Magic/Magecraft isn't present. Because Danmachi can still be classed as a 'Timeline where the Age of Gods didn't End', as opposed to the Miyuverse; where the Age of Gods has long since ended, and with the Magic of 'The World/Gaia' dying, causing the degradationDeath of the Planet.

While YES, Miyu isn't there to help with Funneling the Extra Power for Shirou to use UBW, you have to understand that part of the reason UBW is difficult to Actualise in Nasuverse worlds, is because of Gaia, the Will of the Planet, going from passively degrading everybody's Magic at large, to noticing a 'invasive' world planting itself onto the surface.

Without Gaia to jump the energy cost of UBW through the roof (because in a 'Fate' world, to activate a Reality Marble is to Overwrite the Will of the Planet/Gaia and reform the planet in that section into the image of the user) it stands to reason that the odds of Shirou utilising UBW jump UP from 'outright impossible' to 'there is now a way in Hell he can do this'.
9/5/2022 c5 Enryu Rey Escarlata
Me gusto mas la primera, por el díalogo de Aria y Albert xD
9/5/2022 c1 adriannyel22
I prefer the fiest version because you had already established in the first chapter that Shirou current body while still a child is much better, stronger and has more energy to produce than his past teenage body. The body that he has now is better than his past self that is using a class card and by choosing the second version your instead contradicting that Shirou's new body is not strengthened like you said at the previous chapters

Though I do like the second version but you use the fact that he is lacking of energy to deploy maybe you should modify it to be a psychological reasons or something.

With that said both are good but I prefer the first version because it does not contradict what you established at the previous chapters though I will agree that its to early to show UBW
9/5/2022 c4 growcraft95
Okay, a couple things i have found out. Shirou can't use other magecraft other than His Tracing. But he can Runecraft, in which you write ancient wording on a catalyst and use it to perform magecraft. Runecraft is unique because the magecraft does not come from the magic circuit or chanting, but use the words it selfs as a way to use magecraft. The only downside is the fact you need to precise with the wording or it will failed, if there is even a bit part of the wording wrong. The magecraft will not active and will result in failure.

I'm not too sure if there is other specific things about Runecraft. But the general idea is that. Correct me if i'm wrong tho, but it is an idea on how to make Shirou stronger without him using other ways to obtain magic.
9/5/2022 c5 jon02789555
First one
9/5/2022 c5 Guest
I think the second version is better, it allows for a more introspective look into shirou's aria and his own perception of the soul. Also it allows for character growth via strength and discovering how he was changed by the death of Sakura.
9/5/2022 c5 Guest
4 v1
9/5/2022 c5 Guest
9/5/2022 c5 Guest
Does shirou have enough magical energy to fuel good reality marble?
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