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for Oath Fulfilled and A New Tale Begins

3/2/2023 c6 1Dimihd
I approve of your choice to send Shiro to fight the dragon. That will be much more interesting and with the share of drama.
3/2/2023 c6 GoTeam
Obviously the Zeus or Hera familia with hera close second.
3/2/2023 c6 Elesis21
Hello, i do like to know, when will you update this fanfic again?
3/2/2023 c6 8Quathis
Loving the family centric humor and how easily Shirou wins people with his cooking. Looking forward to the presents and kiddy fluffy times. Until next time.
3/2/2023 c6 Shen1412
Thx for the chapter
3/2/2023 c6 Redburndragon
Id say have it do what Fairy Tail did with Acnologia at the end of Tartarus arc not exactly a win but not a lose cripple the black dragon and have it run at the end not exactly a happy end but a better one like take Alberts arm but he gets to live or something maybe a leg too like gildarts or something itd be a reason why he cant chase after it
3/1/2023 c6 YuukiAsuna-Chan
Not sure why this would actually change Bell's path. Nothing we have seen yet here should have any real impact on Bell.
3/1/2023 c6 Arturia LeFay
When will we see Shirou deploying UBW?
3/1/2023 c6 Adryn Nighthunter
I almost forgot about this
3/1/2023 c6 Sorazaki
quick question, is Christmas a thing in DanMachi?
2/14/2023 c5 Athrick
Another great chapter, I want more and I can only hope this doesn’t turn into a harem fic. That would definitely ruin it so please no harem.
2/14/2023 c5 1Zilony Marko
I look forward to the next chapter
2/6/2023 c5 Gilgamesh50
Update plss
2/6/2023 c5 Boogeymen
its good story but of you changing the timeline i know its going to be good..
we're reader you are the author
your story, and we are just a reader we can't interfere but.
we can give free advices
2/6/2023 c5 Boogeymen
this chapter I'm sad about changing the timeline
bell is not with hestia the loli waifu.
i can't complain cuz this story is too good and too rare 8/10

but I'm still hoping u didn't change too much cuz i thought or most readers though thinking hoping that u didn't change too much cuz

the adventurers of the Zeus and Hera Familias succeeded in defeating the Behemoth and the Leviathan, but lost their battle against the One Eyed Black Dragon, losing their main force.
i hope that's doesn't change
I'm satisfied with bell in hestia family like in canon

cuz The Black Dragon, alongside the Behemoth and Leviathan, escaped from the Dungeon millennia ago and terrorized the entire world. The Black Dragon is the strongest monster revealed in the entire series so far, surpassing the Behemoth, Leviathan, and its precursor the Nidhogg. It was known as the Black Apolcalypse, King of Dragons, and is speculated to currently be at the Northernmost part of the world after it was forced to retreat away from the Dungeon by Albert and his percentage group.

Albert is stated by Omori to be the strongest character in the series so far, and he was killed by the Dragon as he gouged out its eye, giving it the moniker of the One-Eyed Black Dragon. The Dragon fled the Dungeon and flew to the northern parts of the world but not before “taking” Aria with him.

Not much is known of him after this event. Zeus and Hera Familia defeated the Behemoth and Leviathan, but were completely annihilated by the OEBD. Nothing else is known about it after it destroyed Zeus and Hera Familia and is likely still in the northern parts of the world

cuz i hoping it the timeline will change cuz shirou(hoping his power has limit and he still connot use his uwband alber fighting with his side. they're still not going to win. with alberr gouging the eye oF OEBD and shirou weakened it after its retreat and dying albert and shirou lying unconscious bcuz of lethal wound he received and aiz being separated with shirou and broken heart. after that going to become stronger like in the canon.

like tragedy fantasy..
like how i met your mother and separated and they're to meet afters years.

and bell he still feelings for aiz but not romantic but a person he only admire to become stronger so cannot make same mistakes make bell a little OC

and no harem..

thank and I'm going to wait for new chapter

sorry my english bad
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