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for Oath Fulfilled and A New Tale Begins

12/14/2022 c5 4ObeRun
Finally! Thanks for the chap!
12/14/2022 c1 FabledLife
Welcome back.

Erm... Ok... Bell is not with Hestia and is somehow well-trained for unknown reasons. This feels really weird but this is Shirou's story in the end, though it still feels weird.

Also, kind of odd that the characters of Danmachi Memoria Freese appear here when considering that they existed during Argonaut's time that takes place before Albeert's. And considering that (Spoilers ahead those who didn't look into Danmachi Memoria Freese lore. You have been WARNED.) Ais is supposed to be the reincarnation of princess Ariadne Lakrios of Argonaut's story. Though they could be filler characters with similar nam,es and the Crozzo here is a descendent of Crozzo of Argonaut's time.

Another thing is that Shirou feels a bit odd and too open when considering he inherited some of EMIYA's aspects and personality.
12/14/2022 c1 RegulusCetus
I feel as if Shirou a gonna get a immortality pull for suffering for some reason lmao
12/14/2022 c5 Torukeru
Been a while since we got any updates but glad to see this is back, this chapter truly feels like a calm before the storm situation considering what is going to happen in the next chapters. And having Bell coming to Orario far earlier than canon would make sense if he was going to be a high level adventurer by then, but the thing that makes it a bit weird is Bell not being with Hestia's Familia( still interesting to see where you're gonna go with this tho). will Freya still be going after Bell's so called transparent soul? Or this obsession of hers be shifted towards Shirou when he makes an appearance in the future/current time?

Guess we just gotta have to wait and see where this goes, oh and also this might be getting annoying as I am asking this most of the time and I apologize for but I think this is going to be the last time im going to ask this, will Literally Sword, Starry Snowy Night and Blade of Kivotos be back before or after your release your HonkaixPrillya story that is in the works? I kinda wanna reread those but could only find the Blade of Kivotos one in your AO3. Sorry again for the same question as last time

Anyways that's pretty much it, this was quite an entertaining chapter and will be looking forward to the next one!
12/14/2022 c1 growcraft95
12/1/2022 c4 9Gaim no Kaze
Loving this so far, don't know too much about Danmachi aside from the anime so far, but you've gotten me hooked
11/25/2022 c2 EMSreader
11/25/2022 c4 harmscody074
please make more I love it
11/21/2022 c4 001Charlemagne
While bleak there might be a chance for this book to continue so I'll keep it followed and added to favorites
11/12/2022 c4 HDLL
When I saw this story and read up to the current Chapter and looking at the Author Notes.
I decided to go read Snowy Starry Night again...
Surprise surprised, it's gone. I cannot even find it.
11/11/2022 c4 ashen abyss 00
great chapter and I'm loving this story. everything from the character interactions, pacing and the action is well planed out and the chapters are the perfect length long enough to become fully immersed but not so long as to become tiresome.
good job and keep up the great work.
11/6/2022 c4 kgtab
Story seems promising as of ch4. Its always good to see Shirou not be depressed.
Ps: I feel like Gram would be the best antidragon sword he has. Imo I don't see a reason why Albert won't be able to use it. Also there's Balmung too
11/4/2022 c4 Arturia LeFay
more! more! more!
11/3/2022 c4 arjay8166
are you not going to continue? that's unfortunate even it's good fanfiction.
10/30/2022 c1 4ObeRun
Still alive there man?
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