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6/30 c21 sid99
i always love seeing this story updated. hope to see it again and take as long as you need for your break. i like how the MC goes about when gaining his allies and using them. i also hope to see the MC using the SWTOR characters soon :D
6/30 c21 Karenisfired
Great chapter. Take your time, I'll be here eagerly waiting for the next chapter.
6/30 c21 Amaterasu1991
Always enjoy your updates. Thanks for the excellent story. Will be waiting for your next update eagerly.
6/17 c20 cHaZzi123
Thanks for the Chapter :D

Quite the interesting story, looking forward to more :D
6/17 c18 cHaZzi123
Must admit, seemed to a pretty random encounter and story from the Imperial Guards, though with force who knows lol.
6/17 c17 cHaZzi123
Interesting, though I must say I am curious how MC actually managed to track down Jaesa and contact her comlink.

Is this chapter in the future to the main story line? Like does it happy a couple of months or years after chapter 16?
6/17 c12 cHaZzi123
Just found your story and have being binging it.

I quite like with how you a tying in the MC actions with the swtor quests, and further tying it into the political intrigue and spying elements. Makes for a reasonable compelling read.

6/9 c20 Guest
Will Rhal have any interaction with either of the Sith apprentices? Can't wait to see what happens next on Geonosis.
6/8 c20 Guestfyre
Just found this story and read it all and yeah I love it

Loved seeing well what I see anyway as the build up of at first everyone thinking ah Darth Rhal likely won’t be as powerful and threatening as his father was to oh crap he might be more powerful and more threatening haha

I really hope in the inevitable duel between father and son when they are reunited Jadus has a moment that has him essentially going my son has actually surpassed me…. Fuck haha

I also love what a pragmatic Sith Rhal is and how he’s been interacting with the stories of the characters the player can take over in the game and I love the fact he was the one to take over his fathers spot in the Dark Council

Since he is aiming to make Jaesa his first apprentice hope with her while she embraces the Darkside she doesn’t become the mad blood thirsty Jaesa from the game

One thing I hope we get to is that the Sith who pledge themselves to Rhal become truly loyal Sith something about Rhal removes that Darkside need to kill your master in his followers

Also needless to say hope he ends up as the Sith that all the other Sith even his fellow council members turn to for leadership after the Emperor and Rhal eventually ends up as the Emperor of the Sith Empire

Will say however I do wish Rhal had a bit more of a inkling about his father actually being alive even with all the evidence that he was dead just wish Rhal had a little nagging feeling that made him expect his father to actually have survived

By the way hope one day you return to the youngest and the strongest I read that to and just loved it to pieces namely the premise of Kayden being the most powerful and greatest of the children of Valkorion and I loved how he interacted with his siblings and details like Vaylin loving and being loyal to him above all others
5/15 c20 Karenisfired
I love the chapter! I would like to see an interlude sometime of the jedi council reacting to darth rhal.
5/13 c19 Ty Chaos
I’ve been enjoying this story! Thank you for putting in the effort to make it. Excited to see what is next
5/12 c19 Darth krayt1
will Darth Rhal will have any interactions with Moff pyron and help with the project silencer
5/11 c19 Zoltan-Atreyu
I have to say that last chapter was amazing with the introduction of the imperial guard but dam with how the regular soldiers treated the Imperial Guard and how Fuse did aswell loved it. Cant wait to see what Fuse will be doing next. Also wanna say this is among the best star wars stories of all time on this site
5/11 c19 Bob2121998
Great chapter, I liked how long it was, I also like how your character interacts with other characters from the other player stories, I am looking forward to your next chapter, I hope it's published soon and is as long as this one or longer.
5/11 c19 Amaterasu1991
Always enjoy your stories. Look foreward for your next update.
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